Agriculture: Land Tenure, Land Holding, Use, Policy, Transfer, Reform



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Agriculture, Conservation And Land Use 1993 NetLibr (Ebsco) 24.95 UWalesPress
Plain Facts about Dawson County, Montana: A good home at small cost. Some Free Homesteads still to be had [lan 1910]Minn. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
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Vigtig haandbog for emigranten. - Land department [Danes in Arkansas; Denmark, emigration] 1893SLouis Graphic PDF Free Harvard
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American Academy of Political & Social S Country Life [rural social & industrial problems; farm tenancy, agri. labor] 1912 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Armstrong & Ellis Government auction sale of property at McBride: in the valley of the south fork of the Fraser River, in interi 1914 Vancvr Graphic Free UCalgary
Atta, Don Van The "Farmer Threat": The Political Economy of Agrarian Reform in Post-Soviet Russia 1993 Questia subs Westview
Baden-Powell, Baden Henry, 1841-1901 The Land Systems of British India ... Land Tenure .. Land Revenue: v 1, Bk 1 (General) Bk 2: Bengal (maps) 1892 Oxford Graphic or PDF Free Google
Baden-Powell, Baden Henry, 1841-1901 The Land Systems of British India ... Land Tenure .. Land Revenue: v 3, Bk 4: The Raiyatwari & Allied Systems 1892 Oxford Graphic or PDF Free Google
Baer, Gabriel A History of Landownership in Modern Egypt, 1800-1950 1962 NHaven Questia subs OxfordUP
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Bradley, Harriett The Enclosures in England: An Economic Reconstruction 1918 PDF Free McMasterUHstEc
Branch, Lawrence O'Brien, 1820-1862 1856 ] Speeches [public lands; campaign literature] 1856-[8]Was PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Brann, Henry A. Henry George & his Land Theories, with an appendix [Catholic Publication Society; land reform, US] 1887 NY Graphic PDF Free Harvard
British Columbia Papers connected with the Indian Land Question, 1850-1875 1875 Vict. Graphic Free ECO
British Columbia Papers connected with the Indian land question, 1850-1875 [Colonial Government Journals] 1875 Graphic Free ECO
Bronstein, Jamie L. Land Reform & Working-Class Experience in Britain & the US, 1800-1862 1999 Questia subs StanfordUPr
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Brooklyn Bureau of Charities The progress of housing reform in Brooklyn [Tenement House Committee] & Study of Land Overcrowding in Brookly 1916?] Graphic Txt Free Harvard
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California The Road Laws of California, ... provisions of the constitution, the codes, & special statutory acts [re] high 1911SFrnsco PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Canada. Dept. of the Interior Regulations for the survey, admin., disposal & management of Dominion lands within the 40-mile railway belt, i 1893? Ottaw Graphic Free UCalgary
Canada. Dept. of the Interior The Edmonton district, northwestern Canada: description of its soil, climate, products, agricultural capabilit 1896 Ottawa Graphic Free UCalgary
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Canadian Pacific Railway Harvest News, 1890: the Calgary district, Alberta [land settlement] 1890 Winnpg Graphic Free UCalgary
Canadian Pacific Railway Co. Settler's guide: handbook of info. from settlers in the Canadian Pacific Railway irrigation block [land settl 1908 Calgry Graphic Free UCalgary
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Cheng, Chen After Socialism: Land Reform & Social Change in Eastern Europe 1961 Questia subs ChinaPubCo
Cheng, Chen Land Reform in Taiwan 1961 Questia subs ChinaPubCo
Choriawy, Cathy Commerce in the country: a land use & structural history of the Luzan grocery store [Land use-Alberta; Ukrania 1989 Edmntn Graphic Free UCalgary
Churchill, Winston Land Monopoly [speech, House of Commons] 1909 Html Free GrundSkyld
Clancy, James J. (James Joseph) The Land League Manual: With Portraits & Sketches of [Charles Stewart] Parnell and Davitt 1881 NY Graphic or PDF Free Google
Clare County [Ireland] Library The Bodyke Evictions [June 1887; tenant-landlord 'Land Wars', late 19th c Ireland] 200-? Html Free ClareCoLibr
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Cottle, Rex L Labor And Property Rights In California Agriculture 1982 NetLibr (Ebsco) 29.95 TexasA&MUPr
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Curtler, W. H. R. The enclosure & redistribution of our land 1920 Oxford Graphic Free CornellU
De Cosmos, Amor Extracts from debates in Dominion Parliament & BC Legis. Council, 1871: [re] railway land clause, terms of un 1880 Ottawa Graphic Free UCalgary
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Doull, Alexander [civil engineer] Employment & colonization for the million: Based upon a proposed railway ... from the Atlantic to the Pacific 1851 Lond. Graphic Free UAlberta
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Eliot, Charles William (NY) Japanese character (Oriental Rev., May-Jun 1913; state legislation; Alien land law; California; national char 1913 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Elton, Charles Isaac A Treatise on Commons & Wastelands: With Special Reference to the Law of Approvement 1868 Lond. Graphic or PDF Free Google
Ely, Richard Theodore, et al. Land economics 1928AnnArbr Graphic Free CornellU

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