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Archaeology Glossary [1200+ terms] 20--? On-Line Free WebRef
A Brief Guide to Irish Archaeological Sites (Wedge Tombs, Barrows, Cairns, medieval moated sties, ringforts, e n.d. Html Free IOL
Ancient India: Bulletin of the Archaeological Survey of India 1946 NDelhi Html Free DigLibrIndia
Archaeological Reports for the N18 Ennis Bypass & N85 Western Relief Road 2006? PDF Free ClareCoLibr
Preceramic Society in the Central Andean Highlands [excavation, tools, art, burials, maps, panoramas, etc.] [W n.d. 2000-? Free StanfordUniv
The Concise Encyclopedia of Archaeology Questia subs
Abadiano, Eufemio Descriptive catalogue of the archaeological, historical and artistic collections of Eufemio Abadiano [Mexico] 1885NOrlean PDF Kindle EPub Free GettyResInst
Abbott, Henry Catalogue of a collection of Egyptian Antiquities [illus.] 1853 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Abercromby, John Abercromby, 1841-1924 A study of the Bronze Age Pottery of Great Britain & Ireland [v2] & its associated grave-goods, ... [s1611 ill 1912 Oxford PDF Kindle EPub Free UToronto
Abercromby, John, 1841-1924 A study of the Bronze Age Pottery of Great Britain & Ireland [v1] & its associated grave-goods, ... [1611 illu 1912 Oxford PDF Kindle EPub Free UToronto
Adam, Robert Ruins of the Palace of the Emperor Diocletian at Spalatro in Dalmatia 1764 Lond. Graphic Free UWiscMadison
Adams, Gary F. Archaeological investigations: Writing-on-Stone N.W.M.P. Post [Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park; Royal Canad 1977 Edmntn Graphic Free UCalgary
Amistad National Recreation Area Amistad Recreation Area: Archeological Survey and Cultural Resource Inventory 2002 PDF Free NatPkServ:
Archaeological Inst. of America Annual report - Archaeological Institute of America Graphic Free UMichigan
Archaeological Survey Of India Annual Report Of The Archaeological Survey Of India 1924-1925 (Blakiston, J. F.) 1927Calcutt Graphic Free DigLibrIndia
Archaeological Survey Of India Annual Reports Of The Archaeological Survey Of India: 1930-1, 1931-2, 1932-3, 1933-4 Part I, Sec. 1-3 (Fabri, 1936 Delhi Graphic Free DigLibrIndia
Aztec Ruins NM Administrative History of an Archeological Preserve 1990 HTML Free NatPkServ:
Aztec Ruins NM Excavation of a Portion of the East Ruins, Aztec Ruins National Monument, New Mexico 1964/75 HTML Free NatPkServ:
Aztec Ruins NM Historic Handbook #36:Aztec Ruins Nat. Monument (John M. Corbett) 1962 HTML Free NatPkServ:
Bagg, Stanley Clark Canadian Archaeology 1864 Graphic Free ECO
Baker, Brenda J Bioarchaeology Of Native American Adaptation In The Spanish Bor 1996 NetLibr (Ebsco) 49.95 UPrFlorida
Balanos, Nikolaos, 1860- Les monuments de l'Aropole; relevement et conservation [i47 illus.] [Athens (Greece) -- Antiquities] 1938 Graphic Free UMichigan
Baldwin, John Dennison Ancient America, in Notes on American Archaeology 1871 Graphic Free ECO
Ballu, Albert, 1849- Les ruines de Timgad: antique Thamugadi: nouvelles decouvertes [Algeria, Thamugadi (Extinct city); Antiquitie 1903 Paris PDF Kindle EPub Free GettyResInst
Ballu, Albert, 1849- Tebessa, Lambese, Timgad: monuments antiques de l'Algerie: confdrence faite au Palais du Trocadero le 11 dec 1 1894 Paris PDF Kindle EPub Free GettyResInst
Bandelier NM Historic Handbook #23:Bandelier National Monument (Kittridge A. Wing) 1955 Wash. HTML Free NatPkServ:
Bandelier NM In the Land of the Ancient Cliff Dweller Bandelier Naitonal Monument 1923/25 HTML Free NatPkServ:
Bandelier NM Prehistory of El Rito de los Frijoles Bandelier National Monument 1940 HTML Free NatPkServ:
Bandelier NM The Historic Period at Bandelier National Monument 2002 PDF Free NatPkServ:
Bandelier NM The Pajarito Plateau: A Bibliography 1993 PDF Free NatPkServ:
Barka, Norman F. Etude archeologique du Fort Lennox, Ile aux Noix, Quebec, saison de fouilles 1964 1978 Ottawa Graphic Free UCalgary
Barnes, Arthur Stapylton, 1861-1936 The Early Church in the light of the monuments: A study in Christian archology [Christian antiquities] 1913 Lond. PDF Kindle EPub Free UCLA
Bell, Charles Napier (1854-1936) Lead tablet buried by La Verendrye in 1743, title deed of France to the Missouri River country, deposited near 1913 Winnip Graphic Free UAlberta
Benmouyal, Jose Des Paleoindiens aux Iroquoiens en Gaspesie: six milles ans d'histoire [Iroquois] 1987 Quebec Graphic Free UCalgary
Benzinger, Immanuel Hebraische archaologie 1894 PDF Free ETANA
Bergman, Folke Archaeological researches in Sinkiang, esp. the Lop-nor Region [jnt Chinese-Swedish Exp., 1928-31, Xinjiang] 1939 Stkhlm Graphic Free TokoBunkoBks
Bering Land Bridge National Preserve From Hunters to Herders: The Transformation of Earth, Society, and Heaven among the Inupiat of Beringia 2004 PDF Free NatPkServ:
Bessey, William E Evidences of Ancient Civilization in America 1870 Graphic Free ECO
Bieber, Margarete (b. 1879) Griechische Kleidung, von Margarete Bieber. Mit 25 Textabbildungen und 64 Tafeln 1928 Graphic Free UMichigan
Big Hole NB A Sharp Little Affair: The Archeology of Big Hole Battlefield 1994 PDF Free NatPkServ:
Bintliff A Companion to Archaeology 2004 PDF subs/$ WileyIntersci
Birch, Samuel, 1813-1885 History of Ancient Pottery, v 1 [illus., bibliog. refs.] 1858 Lond. PDF Kindle EPub Free UToronto
Birch, Samuel, 1813-1885 History of Ancient Pottery, v 2 1858 Lond. PDF Kindle EPub Free UToronto
Blake The Archaeology of Mediterranean Prehistory 2005 PDF subs/$ WileyIntersci
Blanchette, Jean-Francois L' Importance des artefacts dans l'etude des modes d'alimentation en Nouvelle-France ent 1720-60 [Food habits; 1981 Ottawa Graphic Free UCalgary
Blum, Pamela Z. Early Gothic Saint-Denis: Restorations & Survivals 1992 Html Free UCaPress
Boissier, Gaston, 1823-1908 Roman Africa, archaeological walks in Algeria & Tunis [Africa - antiquities; Rome - provinces] 1899 NY PDF Kindle EPub Free UToronto
Boissonnault, Real Archeologie de sauvetage au parc Cartier-Brebeuf, la ville du Quebec: juillet-aout 1969 [Explorers--France; J 1977 Ottawa Graphic Free UCalgary
Booy, Theodoor Hendrik Nikolaas de, 1882 Pottery from certain Caves in eastern Santo Domingo, West Indies [indian pottery -- Haiti] 1915 Lancs. PDF Kindle EPub Free UCLA
Boston National Historical Park Archeological Overview & Assessment Bunker Hill National Monument 2009 PDF Free NatPkServ:
Brassard, Michel La fonction residentielle de Place-Royale, 1820-60, annexes 3 & 4: repertoire des vestiges apparents et enfoui 1991 Quebec Graphic Free UCalgary
Brassard, Michel Vivre a Place-Royale entre 1760 & 1820: annexes 1 a 6 [dwelligs, lifestyles, antiquities] 1993 Quebec Graphic Free UCalgary
Brassard, Michel Vivre a Place-Royale entre 1760 et 1820: synthese [Ministere de la culture Direction des communications] 1993 Quebec Graphic Free UCalgary
British Museum Catalogue of the Greek & Etruscan Vases in the British Museum, v 3: Vases of the finest period, by Cecil H Smi 1896 Lond. PDF Kindle EPub Free UToronto
Brown, A. C. & H. W. Catling Ancient Cyprus [illus.; w/select bibliograph] 1975 Oxford Graphic Free Ashmolean
Brown, Ann C. Ancient Italy before the Romans (w/bibliography, D. Ridgway) [illus.] 1980 Oxford Graphic Free Ashmolean
Brunton, Guy Lahun I The Treasure [British School of Arch. in Egypt] 1920 Lond. PDF Free ETANA
Brunton, Guy Qua and Badari I [British School of Arch. in Egypt] 1927 Lond. PDF Free ETANA
Brunton, Guy & G. Caton-Thompson Badarian Civilization and Predynastic remains near Badari [British School of Arch. in Egypt] 1938 Lond. PDF Free ETANA
Bryce Canyon NP The Archeology of the Paunsagunt Plateau, Bryce Canyon National Parks 2005 PDF Free NatPkServ:
Budge, E. A. Wallis The mummy; chapters on Egyptian funereal archaeology [88 illus.] 1893 Graphic Free UMichigan
Canyonlands NP The Archeology of Horseshoe Canyon n.d. PDF Free NatPkServ:
Chaco Culture NHP Culture and Ecology of Chaco Canyon and the San Juan Basin: Publications in Archeology 18H, Chaco Canyon Studi 2005 PDF Free NatPkServ:
Channel Islands NP Beached Shipwreck Archeology: Case Studies from Channel Islands National Park 2005 PDF Free NatPkServ:
Chapdelaine, C. Le site de Chicoutimi: un campement prehistorique au pays des Kakouchaks 1984 Quebec Graphic Free UCalgary
Chapdelaine, C. & N Clermont L' occupation historique et prehistorique de Place-Royale 1992 Quebec Graphic Free UCalgary
Cheney, Roland Si'Wren of the Patriarchs 1998 Txt-G Free GutenbergUS
Chevrier, D. Prehistoire de la region de la Moisie [Excavations (Archaeology) Quebec] 1977 Quebec Graphic Free UCalgary
Christenson, Andrew L. Tracing Archaeology's past: The Historiography of Archaeology 1989 Questia subs SIllUPr
Coffey, George, 1857-1916 The Bronze Age in Ireland 1913 Graphic Free UMichigan
Colombini Organic Mass Spectrometry in Art and Archaeology 2009 PDF subs/$ WileyIntersci
Cooke, Thomas L. Autumnal Rambles about New Quay, County Clare (frm: Galway Vindicator) 1842-3 Html Free ClareCoLibr
Corbett, John Aztec Ruins National Mounument Historical Handbook 1963 Html Free NatPkServ
Croes, Dale R The Hoko River Archaeological Site Complex 1995 NetLibr (Ebsco) 50.00 WashStUnivPr
Cumberland Gap NP Archeological Overview and Assessment of the Cumberland Gap National Historical park, Virginia, Tennessee, and 2005 PDF Free NatPkServ:

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