Medical History: Disease: Cholera


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An account of the ... progress of the Indian or spasmodic cholera: ... showing rise ... of the disease from Je 1832NHavn Graphic Free Harvard:
El colera Asiatico: resena sobre esta epidemia e instrucciones hijienicas para evitarla: comprende la cartilla 1886 Graphic Free Harvard:
Festschrift zum sechzigsten Geburtstage von Robert Koch / herausgegeben von seinen dankbaren Schulern 1903 Jena Graphic Free Harvard:
Outbreak of cholera in the village of Akhoree, in the Mirzapore district 1869ca. Graphic Free NatLibScotland
Rules regarding the measures to be adopted on the outbreak of cholera or appearance of small-pox :(G.O.C.C. No 193, 3 Aug 1870) 1870Calcutt Graphic Free NatLibScotland
Abate, Epaminonda Il colera sua etiologia e cura 1884 Naples Graphic Free Harvard:
Abbot, Samuel Leonard, 1808-1904 Papers of Samuel Leonard Abbot, 1867 [corresp. with colleagues about cholera cases in the vicinity of Boston 1867 mss. Graphic Free Harvard:
Academie de Medecine (France) Rapport sur le cholera-morbus: lu a l'Academie royale de medecine, en seance generale, les 26 et 30 juillet 18 1831 Paris Graphic Free Harvard:
Acland, Henry Wentworth Memoir on the cholera at Oxford, in the year 1854, with considerations suggested by the epidemic 1856 Lond. Graphic Free Harvard:
Ainslie, Whitelaw Observations on the cholera morbus of India: a letter addressed to the Hon. the Court of Directors of the East 1825 Lond. Graphic Free Harvard:
Aiton, William. Dissertations on Malaria, Contagion, & Cholera: ... intended as a guide to magistrates, clergymen and heads of 1832 Lond. Graphic Free Harvard:
Allen, Joseph Henry A sermon on the coming of the cholera: preached in the Unitarian Church, Washington, June 10, 1849 1849 Wash. Graphic Free Harvard:
Allen, Lewis Falley, 1800-1890 First appearance, in 1832, of the cholera in Buffalo.. 1895Buffalo Graphic Free CornellU
Amer. Public Health Assn. Report on the prevention of epidemic cholera in America: adopted by the Amer. Public Health Assn & the Conf. o 1884 Graphic Free Harvard:
Annesley, James Sketches of the most prevalent diseases of India: ... epidemic cholera of the East, stats & topographical ... 1831 Lond. Graphic Free Harvard:
Barrett, Samuel A sermon, Twelfth Congregational Church, Boston, Aug 9, 1832, ... on account of the approach of the cholera 1832 Bost. Graphic Free Harvard:
Barth, Ernst Alfred Max Die Cholera: mit Berucksichtigung der speciellen Pathologie und Therapie, nebst einem Anhange ... 1893 Bresla Graphic Free Harvard:
Barton, James Levi The Medical Missionary: Some account of his task, equipment & experiences in the work of the American Board [o 18-- Graphic Free Harvard:
Beach, Wooster, 1794-1868 The American Practice of Medicine: ... Character, causes, symptoms, morbid appearances, & treatment of the dis 1833 NY Graphic Free Harvard:
Bell, George Hamilton Treatise on cholera asphyxia, or epidemic cholera: as it appeared in Asia and more recently in Europe 1831 Lond. Graphic Free Harvard:
Bellew, Henry Walter, 1834-1892 A short practical treatise on the nature, causes, and treatment of cholera: supplement to The history of chole 1887 Lond. Graphic Free Harvard:
Bellew, Henry Walter, 1834-1892 Cholera in India, 1862 to 1881: Bengal Province, 1862 to 1881, and review 1884Calcutt Graphic Free NatLibScotland
Benoiston de Chateauneuf, Louis Francois Rapport sur la marche et les effets du cholera-morbus dans Paris et les communes rurales du departement de la 1834 Paris Graphic Free Harvard:
Bernheim, Samuel Immunisation et serumtherapie: tetanos, diphterie, tuberculose, pneumonie, cholera, variole, septicemie, syphi 1897 Paris Graphic Free Harvard:
Blackburne, William, 1755-1835 Facts & observations concerning the prevention & cure of scarlet fever with remarks on the origin of acute con 1803 Lond. PDF Kindle EPub Free UToronto
Bonnafont, Jean-Pierre Le cholera devant l'Academie de medecine: la contagiosite et les quarantaines 1885 Paris Graphic Free Harvard:
Boston (MA) City of Boston / by authority of the City Council ... June 20, 1832 [Health regulations for cholera outbreak] 1832 Bost. Graphic Free Harvard:
Boston (MA) Opinion of the consulting physicians on cholera, 1866 [Boston, Mass.] 1866] Bost. PDF Kindle EPub Free BostonPL
Boston (MA) To the Board of Health Commissioners, Boston: Medical deputation appointed by Boston to visit NY for ... obser 1832 Bost. Graphic Free Harvard:
Broussais, Francois Joseph Victor Cholera: Two clinical lectures upon the nature, treatment, & symptoms of spasmodic cholera 1832 NY Graphic Free Harvard:
Broussais, Francois Joseph Victor Le cholera morbus epidemique: observe et traite selon la methode physiologique 1832 Paris Graphic Free Harvard:
Byrne, Bernard M. An essay to prove the contagious character of malignant Cholera, with brief instructions for its prevention an 1833 Phila. Graphic Free Harvard:
Camwell, Alex. Statement by the Sheriff Substitute of the riotous proceedings in Paisley on Monday, 26th March 1832 1832 mss. Graphic Free Harvard:
Candido, Francisco de Paula Relatorio acerca da saude publica: comprehendendo, 1.A historia succinta do cholera-morbus no Imperio em 1855- 1856 Rio de Graphic Free Harvard:
Carey, Lea & Blanchard (firm) The Cholera Gazette [#1 (July 11, 1832) -- #16 (Nov. 21, 1832)] 1832 Phia. Graphic Free Harvard:
Chadwick, Edwin Address on House Drainage [Assn. of Public Sanitary Inspectors] 1884 Graphic Free Harvard:
Chalmers, Thomas The efficacy of prayer: Sermon at St. George's Church, Edinburgh, ... March 22, 1832, ... national fast on acc 1832 Bost. Graphic Free Harvard:
Chancellor, Charles Williams Observations on cholera and quarantine: a national quarantine implies national seclusion 1892 Balt. Graphic Free Harvard:
Chandler, W.E. (Hon.) Shall Immigration Be Suspended? (N. Amer. Rev) [cholera] 1893 Graphic Free CornellU
Chapman, John Cholera: A disease of the nervous system 1883 Lond. Graphic Free Harvard:
Chile. Memoria de la Comision Directiva del Servicio Sanitario del Colera, presentad al Senor Ministro del Interior 1888 Graphic Free Harvard:
Cipolina, Carlo Molta luce sul cholera morbus [Cholera; Gastroenteritis, Italy, prevention, treatment] 1874 Genova Graphic Free Harvard:
Citizens' Assn of New York Report by the Council of Hygiene and Public Health, Citizens' Assn of New York upon epidemic cholera & prevent 1865 NY Graphic Free Harvard:
Clark, Andrew Reviews of Dr. Chapman's work on Diarrhoea and cholera, their nature, origin, & treatment through the agency o 1886 2dLond Graphic Free Harvard:
Clark, Henry Grafton, 1804?-1892 Communication from the City Physician proposing a sanitary visitation of the City in view of the approach of t 1853 Bost. Graphic Free Harvard:
Clark, Henry Grafton, 1804?-1892 Communication of Dr. Henry G. Clark, late city physician, transmitting certain documents to the City Council [ 1861 Bost. Graphic Free Harvard:
Clark, Henry Grafton, 1804?-1892 Superiority of Sanitary measures over quarantines: an address before the Suffolk District Medical Society, Bos 1852 Bost. Graphic Free Harvard:
Clemow, Frank Gerard The Cholera Epidemic of 1892 in the Russian empire: ... treatment & methods of disinfection ... Conf. on chole 1893 Lond. Graphic Free Harvard:
Comitato di soccorso pei colerosi di Mos Comitato di soccorso pei colerosi di Mosciano S. Angelo: relazione del presidente / Pasquale Ventilii. 1887 Graphic Free Harvard:
Cooke, John E. Remarks on Cholera, as it appeared in Lexington in June, 1833 183-? Graphic Free Libr Congress
Copland, James Of pestilential Cholera: Its nature, prevention, and curative treatment 1832 Lond. Graphic Free Harvard:
Corbyn, Frederick A treatise on the Epidemic Cholera as it has prevailed in India: ... rpts of the officers to the medical board 1832 Phila. Graphic Free Harvard:
Cornish, William Robert, 1828-1897 An inquiry into the circumstances attending an outbreak of Cholera in HM's 18th Hussars at Secunderabad in May n.d. Graphic Free NatLibScotland
Cornish, William Robert, 1828-1897 Cholera in Southern India: ... progress of Cholera in 1870 & resume of the records of former epidemic invasion 1871 Madras Graphic Free NatLibScotland
Cricca, A. Cholera in the Orient 1868 Chi. Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Cuningham, James McNabb Cholera: what can the State do to prevent it? 1884Calcutt Graphic Free Harvard:
Currie, William Observations on the causes and cure of remitting or bilious fevers: ... practice of different authors & ... th 1798 Phila. Graphic Free Harvard:
Daremberg, Georges Le cholera: ses causes, moyens de s'en preserver 1892 Paris Graphic Free Harvard:
Day, Alphonse B. Diary,1849. Journal of the trip to Calif. [Mo. to Ore.; cholera, Mtn fever; Wyoming; Platte River] 200-? Graphic Html Free BYU [LC]
Dewey, Orville A sermon on the moral uses of the pestilence, denominated Asiatic cholera: on Fast-day, Aug 9, 1832 1832NBdfrd? Graphic Free Harvard:
Drake, Daniel, 1785-1852 A practical treatise on the history, prevention, and treatment of epidemic cholera: designed both for the prof 1832 Cinc. Graphic Free Harvard:
Drake, Daniel, 1785-1852 Cure of cholera 1832 Graphic Free Harvard:
Dufuet, Firmin, 1876- Le Pwlerinage de la Mecque au point de vue religieux, social et sanitaire [cholera; Mecca (Saudi Arabia); bib 1932 Paris PDF Kindle EPub Free Intnt Archive
Duke, Jonathan Oldham, 1807-1868 Autobiography and diary, 1850-1855 (vol 1: early life in England; conversion to Mormon Ch, 1839; Illinois; to 200-? Graphic Html Free BYU [LC]
Echeverria y Reyes, Anibal El colera: ensayo bibliografico: folletos publicados en Chile con motivo de esta epidemia, 1886-87-88 1888 Graphic Free Harvard:
Ellis, Thomas T Leaves from the Diary of an Army Surgeon; or, Incidents of Field, Camp, & Hospital Life 1863 NY Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Ermengem, Emile van Neue Untersuchungen uber die Cholera-Mikroben ... 1886 Wien Graphic Free Harvard:
F. T. Influenza, grippe, fievre denque, cholera: hygiene conseils pour conserver la sante et arriver a un age avance 1890 Lille Graphic Free Harvard:
Fabre, Augustin Traitement du cholera / lecons faites par Augustin Fabre a l'Hotel-Dieu du Marseille, le 20 et 21 juillet 1883 1884Marseil Graphic Free Harvard:
Ferran y Clua, Jaime Revendication de la priorite de la decouverte des vaccins du cholera asiatique: faite sous les auspices de la 1888Barceln Graphic Free Harvard:
Fletcher, William B. Cholera: Its characteristics, history, treatment, geographical distribution of different epidemics, suitable s 1866 Graphic Free Harvard:
Forster, R. Die Verbreitung der Cholera durch die Brunnen 1873 Bresla Graphic Free Harvard:
Gaulter, Henry. The origin and progress of the malignant cholera in Manchester: considered chiefly in their bearing on the con 1833 Lond. Graphic Free Harvard:
Germany. Anweisung zur Bekampfung der Cholera: (Festgestellt in der Sitzung des Bundesrats vom 28 Januar 1904) 1904 Berlin Graphic Free Harvard:
Germany. Desinfektionsanweisung bei Cholera: festgestellt in der Sitzung des Bundesrats vom 21. Marz 1907 1907 Berlin Graphic Free Harvard:

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