Local History: NYC: History: Utilities, Transportation (Subways, Harbors, Tunnels, Bridges, Ferries, Telephone)

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Opening ceremonies of the New York & Brooklyn bridge, May 24, 1883 ... orations by William C. Kingsley, Seth L 1883 Bklyn PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Opening Ceremonies of the New York & Brooklyn Bridge: May 24, 1883 1883 Graphic Html Free UMichigan
Rules of the Grand Central Station & Harlem line for the Government of the Employes: ...[for] Jan 1, 1904. 1903?] Graphic Html Free UMichigan
Albion, Rogert G & Jennie B Pope The Rise of New York Port 1815-1860 1939 Questia subs Scribners
Arent, Leonora, b. 1883 Electic franchises in NYC 1919 Graphic Html Free UMichigan
Barnes, Alfred C. The New York & Brooklyn Bridge c1883 NY? Graphic Free LehighUniv
Baskerville, Charles, 1870- (ed.) Municipal chemistry: ...30 lectures ... on the application of the principles of chemistry to the city, ... Col 1911 NY PDF Txt Free UCalifornia
Brooklyn (NY) Board of Water Commissione The Brooklyn Water works & sewers [tables, maps, plans, diags.] 1867 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Brooklyn (NYC). Committee of Ten Down town Brooklyn: report to the comptroller of NYC on sites for public buildings & the relocation of the ele 1913 Brklyn PDF Txt Free UCalifornia
Burr, S.D.V Tunneling Under the Hudson River [illus.] [New York] 1885 Html Free
Carman, Harry James, 1884-1964 The Street Surface Railway Franchises of NYC [Columbia U Phd. thesis ed.] 1919 Graphic Html Free UMichigan
Church, Elihu Cunyngham, 1881- The Bureau of Supplies of the Dept. of Water Supply, Gas & Electricity, NYC 1913 NY PDF Txt Free UCalifornia
City Club of NY NYC transit: ...A memorandum addr. to the Public Service Commission of the 1st district 1907 Graphic Html Free UMichigan
Commerce & Industry Assn of NY Maintenance of Pavements & Administration of Streets in NYC: A report to the Merchants' Assn of NY by its Comm 1906] Graphic Html Free UMichigan
Commerce & Industry Assn of NY Memorial to the legislature of...NY for an investigation ...conditions [re] gas & electric lighting, NYC (Merc 1905] Graphic Html Free UMichigan
Congar, Obadiah, 1768-1848 The autobiography & memorials of Captain Congar, 50 years mariner & Shipmaster, Port of NY 1851 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Cudahy, Brian J Over & Back: The History of Ferryboats in New York Harbor 1990 Questia subs FordhamUPr
Cudahy, Brian J The New York Subway 1991 NetLibr (Ebsco) 50.00 FordhamUPr
Cudahy, Brian J Under The Sidewalks Of New York 1995 NetLibr (Ebsco) 19.95 FordhamUPr
Davies, John Vipond The Astoria Tunnel Under the East River for Gas Distribution in New York City (Trans. Amer Soc Civil Engineers 1916 Html Free TMK
Fird, Frederick L. A Study of the Port of New York Authority 1949 Questia subs Dun&Bradstreet
Freehoff, Joseph C., b. 1864 New analysis showing that 5 cents covers the actual & necessary cost of carrying a passenger on c1925 Graphic Html Free UMichigan
Gerard, James Watson The Old Streets of NYC under the Dutch. A paper read before the NY Hist Soc, Jun 2, 1874 Graphic Free CornellU
Gerard, James Watson, 1823-1900 The old streets of NY under the Dutch. A paper, NY Hist. Soc., 1874 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Gillmore, Quincy Adams, 1825-1888 Practical Treatise on Limes, Hydraulic Cements, & Mortars:... reports of numerous experiments conducted in NYC 1864 NY PDF Txt Free UCalifornia
Gillmore, Quincy Adams, 1825-88 Report: strength, specific gravity...of building-stone from different sections of the US, tested at Ft Tompkin 1874 GPO Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Hildenbrand, Wilhelm Cable making for suspension bridges, with special reference to the cables of the East River bridge (NYC) [illu 1887 NY Graphic Free LehighUniv
Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Company Illustrations of incidents in Tunnel Construction (sourvenir booklet) [under the Hudson River; photos] 1909 Html Free TMK
Interborough Rapid Transit Company The New York Subway: Its Construction and Equipment [illus.] 1904 Html Free
Jacobs, Charles M A General Report Upon the Initiation & Construction of the Tunnel Under The East River, New York, to...East Ri 1894 Html Free TMK
Lavis, Fred b. 1871 & Maurice E Griest Building the new rapid transit system of NYC 1915 NY PDF Txt Free UCalifornia
Martin, John (of New York) Rapid Transit: Its effect on Rents & Living Conditions.... To rent-payers, social workers & city statesmen 1909 Graphic Html Free UMichigan
Merchants' Assn of NY Inquiry into Telephone Service & Rates in NYC by the Merchants' Assn of NY 1905] Graphic Html Free UMichigan
Merchants' Assn of NY Passenger Transportation Service in NYC: Report to the Merchants' Assn of NY [Committee on Engineering & Sanit 1903 Graphic Html Free UMichigan
New England Nicolson pavement Co. Wooden Pavement; Construction, New England Nicolson Pavement Co. & testimony; [used] in Chicago, Detroit, Milw 1869] Bost Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
New York & Long Island Bridge Co. (firm) Rpt of Bd of Consulting Engineers, appointed to recommend a plan for the NY & Long Island bridge across the Ea c1877] NY Graphic Free LehighUniv
NY (City) Board of Trade & Transportatio Report, Special Comm. of the NY Board of Trade & Transportation on Quarantine; Jan 6, 1893; w/the corresponden 1893] Graphic Html Free UMichigan
NY (City) Bureau of Municipal Investigat Report on the Maintenance of the Dept. of Bridges of NYC in 1914 & 1915; ...from detailed expense statements o 1916] Graphic Html Free UMichigan
NY (City) Bureau of Municipal Research Collecting Water Revenues: Methods of the Bureau of Water Register, Manhattan; Suggestions for Reorganization, 1909 Graphic Html Free UMichigan
NY (City) Comm. on Street Cleaning & Was Report, Comm. on Street Cleaning & Waste Disposal, NYC, 1907. Commissioners: H. de B. Parsons, Rudolph Hering 1907] Graphic Html Free UMichigan
NY (City) Common council Report: Proceedings in commemoration of the laying of the Atlantic Telegraph Cable Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
NY (City) Dept of Water-Supply, Gas, & E Minutes of the Croton Aqueduct Board of the NYC. Jul 18, 1849 -- Apr 9, 1870 1903 NY PDF Txt Free UCalifornia
NY (City) Mayor's Catskill Aqueduct Comm The Catskill aqueduct and earlier water supplies of the City of New York ...w/... sources & uses of Water & bu 1917 NY PDF Txt Free UCalifornia
NY (State) New Subways: Proposed additions to Rapid Transit System to cost $218,000,000 ... 1922] Graphic Html Free UMichigan
NY (State) Bridge & Tunnell Comm. Hudson River vehicular tunnel. Contract no. 4. Tunnels between a point about 1000 west of the river bulkhead . 1921 NY? PDF Txt Free UCalifornia
NY (State) Legislature. Assembly. Report, Special Comm. of the investigate the Causes of the Strike of the Surface Railroads in Br 1895 Graphic Html Free UMichigan
NY (State). Public Service Comm. 1st Dis Public service commission for the 1st district to NY Municipal Railway Corp.: Jamaica line, Liberty Avenue lin 1913 NY PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority Rules Governing the Conduct & Safety of the Public in the use...of New York City Transit Authority...[subways 2003 Html Graphic Free TMK
NY State Legislature. Joint Committee to Report of Joint Comm., Senate & Assembly, NY appointed to Investigate the Finances NYC Graphic Free CornellU
NY, NJ Port & Harbor Dev. Commission Preliminary report of counsel [w/] the tentative draft of proposed treaty amendatory & supplementary to the NY 1918] Graphic Html Free UMichigan
NY, NJ Port & Harbor Dev. Commission Progress report NY, NJ Port & Harbor Dev. Comm.: Appointed under ...Laws of 1917 [NY & NJ] 1919 Graphic Html Free UMichigan
Port of New York Authority Port Authority Statutes 1925 Graphic Html Free UMichigan
Robinson, Asa P Report upon the contemplated metropolitan RR of NYC 1865 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Roebling, John Augustus, 1806-1869 Report of John A. Roebling, CE, to the president & directors of the NY Bridge Company, on the proposed East Ri 1867Brookln Graphic Free LehighUniv
Roebling, Washington Augustus, 1837-1926 Rpt of the Chief Engineer of East River bridge, on prices of materials & estimated cost of the structure: Jun 1872 NY Graphic Free LehighUniv
Smith, Robert A. C. (d. 1933) The West Side Improvement & its Relation to all of the Commerce of the Port of New York 1916] Graphic Html Free UMichigan
Smith, Stephen, 1823-1922 The City That Was [NYC, public health; sanitation] c1911] NY PDF Txt Free UCLA
Spengler, Edwin Harold, 1906- Land values in New York in Relation to Transit Facilities 1930 Graphic Html Free UMichigan
Waldman, Louis, b. 1892 The Great Collapse: Higher Fares or Public Ownership (intro. Scott Nearing) 1919 Graphic Html Free UMichigan
Wilcox, Delos Franklin, 1873-1928 The transit problems of NYC: ... difficulties in...the Policy of Private Ownership & Operation, & ...preparati 1919] Graphic Html Free UMichigan


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