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Albert Freres des ecoles chretiennes Recits laurentiens [Ontario Libr] 1919 Montrl Graphic Free UCalgary
Allaire, J. B. A. Les eglises de la paroisse de Saint-Denis sur Richelieu 1939 StHyac Graphic Free UCalgary
Anctil, Pierre Le rendez-vous manque: les Juifs de Montreal face au Quebec de l'entre-deux-guerres [Jews--education--antisemi 1988 Quebec Graphic Free UCalgary
Anon. Diamond jubilee of McDougall United Church, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 1871-1931 1931 Graphic Free UCalgary
Ayer, A.A. Historical sketch of the Grande Ligne Mission [Baptistes--missions--Quebec (Province)] 1898 Graphic Free UCalgary
Baillargeon, Samuel Les Redemptoristes, 1732-1982 1982 Graphic Free UCalgary
Baker, Alexander Earle St. Paul's Centennial Year Book (Stirling, Ont.) 1953 Graphic Free UCalgary
Baker, William King John T. Dorland [1860-1896] [Society of Friends--biography] 1898 Lond. Graphic Free UCalgary
Banting, Meredith Black Early history of Saskatchewan churches (grass roots). Book I [United Church of Canada] 1975 Regina Graphic Free UCalgary
Baptist Conv. of Ontario & Quebec The Baptist year book ... for Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba & the North-West Territories & British Columbia: ... r 1900Toronto Graphic Free UCalgary
Baptist Union of Western Canada Crusading in the Canadian West: a survey of Baptist missionary endeavor 1934 Edmntn Graphic Free UCalgary
Barrass, Edward A Gallery of Distinguished Men [Methodist Church--Clergy] 1870 Napane Graphic Free UCalgary
Bartlet, William Stoodley, 1809-1883 The Frontier Missionary: A memoir of the life of Rev. Jacob Bailey [1731-1808] 1853 Bost. Graphic Free UCalgary
Begin, Louis-Nazaire Vie de la mere Marie-Catherine de Saint-Augustin [1632-1668], religieuse de l'Hotel-Dieu du Precieux-sang de Q 1907 Montrl Graphic Free UCalgary
Bellamy, Lora (Davis) Pioneer days of the first Baptist church in northern Alberta 1925? Edmnt Graphic Free UCalgary
Bentall, Shirley Buckboard to brotherhood: the Baptist churches in Calgary 1975 Calgry Graphic Free UCalgary
Bible Christian Church, Canada A Digest of the rules & regulations of the people denominated Bible Christians ... doctrine, order of administ 1876 Graphic Free UCalgary
Bible Christian Church, Canada A Digest of the rules & regulations of the people denominated Bible Christians ... doctrine, order of administ 1876 Bowman Graphic Free UCalgary
Bill, Ingraham E. Fifty years with the Baptist ministers & churches of the Maritime Provinces of Canada 1880 StJohn Graphic Free UCalgary
Bond, George J. Skipper George Netman [Methodists--Newfoundland & Labrador] 1887 Lond. Graphic Free UCalgary
Boyer, Robert J. 100 Years: Bracebridge United Church Celebrates the Centenary of Christian Worship in the Community. 1961 Graphic Free UCalgary
Bridgman, Wellington, 1853-1922 Breaking Prairie Sod: The story of a pioneer preacher in the 80s, w/a discussion on the burning question of to 1920c]Toron PDF Kindle EPub Free VictoriaU(Can)
C. M. M. Recollections of a beloved pastor [Cartwright, Robert David, 1804-1843; Ontario--Kingston] 1845 Graphic Free UCalgary
Campbell, Baden Except the Lord do build this house: A story of First United Church, Swift Current, Saskatchewan 1975 Graphic Free UCalgary
Canada Congregational Missionary Soc. Our Scandinavian missions [Congregational churches] 1904 Graphic Free UCalgary
Cherland, Carl Marcus The Lutheran Legacy: Growth of Calgary's Lutheran churches 1975 Calgry Graphic Free UCalgary
Clapp, Christopher Long tried & faithful [St. Luke's United Church (Toronto); church hist.] 1979Toronto Graphic Free UCalgary
Clavelle, Louise A bibliography on women & the Church [women in Christianity] 1975 Saskt. Graphic Free UCalgary
Clipperton, Margaret Walford Walford United Church, 1890-1975: Thanks for the Memory 1975 Graphic Free UCalgary
Collett, H. L. First Spiritualist Church: a short account of Spiritualism in Calgary 1975 Calgry Graphic Free UCalgary
Collett, W. J. United Church in Calgary: activities & events, 1875-1970 1975 Calgry Graphic Free UCalgary
Connor, Ralph, 1860-1937 The life of James Robertson [1839-1902; missionaries, Canada] n.d.Toronto Graphic Free UCalgary
Cornish, George Henry Handbook of Canadian Methodism: ... all the ministers & preachers whose names have appeared in connection with 1867Toronto Graphic Free UCalgary
Dadson, Ebenezer William Paris Baptist Church (Ont.) 1893 Paris Graphic Free UCalgary
Dawdy, Marion Whitman Baptists of Beamsville, 1788-1988 [Lincoln, Ont.] 1988 Graphic Free UCalgary
Derksen, Seymour A. My father's house [Derksen family; Mennonites--Canada--genealogy] 1980 Graphic Free UCalgary
Dickson (Alta.) Bethany Lutheran Cong. Dickson Koloniens historie et mindeskrift om vore pionerer [Bethany Lutheran Congregation] 1948 Graphic Free UCalgary
Doerfler, Bruno Quest for a New Homeland: The Founding of St. Peter's Colony in Saskatchewan [Muenster (Sask.)--Church histor 1988 Graphic Free UCalgary
Elkinton, Joseph Scotton Arrival of Dukhobors in Canada from Cyprus [Russian Christian movement founded in the 18th c., migrated to Ca 1899 Lond. Graphic Free UCalgary
Emmanuel Church (Montreal, Quebec) Yearbook of Emmanuel Church, Montreal 18-- Montrl Graphic Free UCalgary
Epp, Margaret Proclaim Jubilee!: A history of Bethany Bible Institute n.d. Graphic Free UCalgary
Epp-Tiessen, Esther Altona: The story of a Prairie Town [Mennonites--Manitoba] n.d. Graphic Free UCalgary
Erickson, Robert Edward 1927- Pastor to Social Worker: An autobiography [Lutheran Church--Clergy--Sask.; social workers] 1997 Graphic Free UCalgary
Filteau, P. La fin d'une epoque: Joseph-Pierre Ouellet [1871-1959], architecte[church architecture] 1973 Quebec Graphic Free UCalgary
First Baptist Church (Calgary, Alta.), Souvenir illustrations: facts of interest, past & present, 1888-1911 1911 Calgry Graphic Free UCalgary
First Baptist Church, Seduck (Alberta) First Baptist Church: our pilgrimage of faith, 1894 - 1994 [Leduc,Alb.] 1994 Leduc Graphic Free UCalgary
Ford, John Alexander East Point United Baptist Church, 1833-1983: historical record 1983 Graphic Free UCalgary
Friesen, Rhinehart A Mennonite Odyssey [Manitoba --immigration; frontier & pioneer life; Soviet Union --emigration] 1988 Graphic Free UCalgary
Gerbrandt, Henry J. Adventure in faith: the background in Europe & the development in Canada of lthe Bergthaler Mennonite Church o 1970 Altona Graphic Free UCalgary
Hall, B. M. The life of Rev. John Clark [1797-1854; Baptists--Clergy] 1856 NY Graphic Free UCalgary
James Church (New Glasgow. NS) Proceedings at the centennial celebration of James Church congregation, New Glasgow, [N.S.] Sep 17, 1886 1886 Graphic Free UCalgary
James Church (New Glasgow. NS) Proceedings at the centennial celebration of James Church congregation, Sept 17, 1886 (2nd copy?] 1886 Graphic Free UCalgary
Jenkins, John Life of the Rev. Alex. Mathieson [1795-1870]: w/funeral sermon; & 3 discourses [St. Andrews church, Montreal; 1870 Montrl Graphic Free UCalgary
Johnston, A. J. B. La religion dans la vie a Louisbourg (1713-1758) [Service canadien des parcs, Environnement Canada] 1988 Ottawa Graphic Free UCalgary
Kaldor, Isabel The Little White Church: Its people & its pastors: Messiah Lutheran, 12th St. & 2nd Ave. E, Prince Albert, Sas 1984 Sask. Graphic Free UCalgary
King, George Brockwell St. Paul's Centennial Year Book [St. Paul's United Church (Stirling, Ont.)] 1953 Graphic Free UCalgary
Knighton, George H. & L T C Habour The story of our church: Central United Church, Port Colborne, 1856-1966 [Ontario] 1966 Graphic Free UCalgary
Knox United Church (Calgary, Alta.) A Souvenir of the diamond jubilee of the Knox United Church, Calgary, Alberta 1943 Calgry Graphic Free UCalgary
MacLennan, Kenneth Souvenir of the jubilee of Knox Church, Tiverton, 1859-1909 [Ontario] 1909] Graphic Free UCalgary
Normandeau, J. A. Cinquante anniversaire, Paroisse St. Emile de Legal 1953 Graphic Free UCalgary
Northrop, Henry Davenport Life & works of Rev. Charles H. Spurgeon [1834-92]: a graphic account of the greatest [Baptist] preacher of mo 1890 Brntfd Graphic Free UCalgary
Palmer, Bernard Journey to a lonely land: The birth & growth of the Northern Canada Evangelical Mission 1971 Graphic Free UCalgary
Palmer, Bernard Miracle on the Praires [Briercrest Bible Institute] n.d. Graphic Free UCalgary
Palmer, Bernard & Marjorie Palmer Beacon on the prairies: The men God uses in building the Briercrest Bible Institute 1970 Graphic Free UCalgary
Palmer, Bernard & Marjorie Palmer Miracle on the prairies: the story of Briercrest Bible Institute [diff. ed.] 1958? Graphic Free UCalgary
Parent, Amand The life of Rev. Amand Parent [1818-1907], the first French-Canadian ordained by the Methodist Church [missio 1887Toronto Graphic Free UCalgary
Raymond, Gerard 1912-1932 Journal de Gerard Raymond 1937 Quebec Graphic Free UCalgary
Rintoul, Elgin The Last of the Saddlebag Preachers: Thoughts & Recollections of Rev. Elgin Rintoul [circuit riders --Alberta 2003Toronto Graphic Free UCalgary
Sawtell, R. W. The history of the First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Ont.: for the first seventy years, from April 22, 1822 to 1892 Graphic Free UCalgary
Stauffer, Byron H., 1870-1922 The Battle Nobody Saw; & Other Sermons [Congregational churches -- sermons; sermons, Canadian (English)] 1919Toronto PDF Kindle EPub Free VictoriaU(Can)
Tate, Charles Montgomery Our Indian missions in British Columbia [Methodist church-missions] 189-? Graphic Free UCalgary
United Church of Canada A Friendly Adventure: The Story of the United Church Mission Among New Canadians at Teulon, Manitoba [Ukraini 1929 Graphic Free UCalgary
Warren, Samuel Russell Compte-rendu de la reception de l'orgue de la chapelle Wesleyenne, le 5 fevrier 1861: a laquelle ont assiste l 1861 Graphic Free UCalgary
Weber, Jerome Quest for a New Homeland: The Founding of St. Peter's Colony in Saskatchewan [Muenster (Sask.) --church histor 1988 Graphic Free UCalgary
Youmans, Harriet Phelps Grimsby Park, historical & descriptive: w/biographical sketches of ... Noah Phelps & others [evangelisation -- 1900 Graphic Free UCalgary

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