Local History: The "West" (Western U.S.)

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For additional titles in this category (in German & French) see the Univ of Gottingen site various Graphic UGoettingen
Allen, Clifford Paynter [of Phila.] Pilgrimage of Mary Commandery No. 36 [RR trip to the Knights Templar's 1904 convention, San Francisco] 1904 Html Free Libr Congress
Anon. Overland trail diary, 1860-1862 [by ox team from IA to Calif.; Oregon Trail via Wyoming, Utah, Nev.] 200-? Graphic Html Free BYU [LC]
Anon. Tour to California overland, 1849 [Mo. to Ft. Kearny w/Ankin Company by mule train; traded w/Dakota Indians] 200-? Graphic Html Free BYU [LC]
Baegert, Johann Jakob, S.J. Observations in Lower California 1772/1979 Html Free UCaPress
Barber, John Warner (1798-1885) & Henry The loyal West in the times of the rebellion; an encyclopedia & panorama of the western states & territories ( 1865 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Barber, John Warner, 1798-1885 All the western states & territories, from the Alleghanies to the Pacific: their history from the earliest tim 1867 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Bartlett, Richard A Great Surveys Of The American West 1980 NetLibr (Ebsco) 19.95 UOklahomaPr
Baxley, Henry Willis, 1803-76 What I saw on the west coast of South & North America, & at the Hawaiian Islands 1865 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Becknell, William Selected Letters [1824] [southwestern fur trade] 1825 & mss. Html Free MountnMen
Bemis, Stephen Allen, 1828-1919 [frm Mas Recollections of a Long & Somewhat Uneventful Life 1932 Html Free Libr Congress
Bidwell, John Addresses, Reminiscences, Etc. of General John Bidwell [overland journey to California; Prohibition Party cand 1907 Html Free Libr Congress
Borthwick, J. D Three Years in California [1851-1854] 1857 Html Free Libr Congress
Borthwick, J.D. Three years in California; w/eight illus. by the author 1857 Edinb Graphic PDF Free UGoettingen
Bowles, Samuel Across the Continent: A Summer's Journey to the Rocky Mountains, the Mormons, & the Pacific States 1866 Graphic Free Libr Congress
Bowles, Samuel Across the Continent: A Summer's Journey to the Rocky Mountains, the Mormons, & the Pacific States w/Speaker C 1865 Graphic PDF Free UGoettingen
Bowles, Samuel Our New West. Records of travel between the Mississippi & the Pacific. Over the plains--over the mountains...l 1869 Html Free Libr Congress
Bowles, Samule, 1826-78 The Pacific railroad--open. How to go: what to see. Guide for travel to & through western America. 1869 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Bradley, Glenn D. The Story of the Pony Express [post office] n.d. Html Free HistTextArchiv
Bryan, George W (b. ca. 1844) The Lure of the Past, the Present & Future [also, RR jrny Ind. to Cal; urbanization] 1911 Html Free Libr Congress
Bryant, Edwin What I Saw in California: By Wagon from Missouri to California in 1847 2001 Adobe eBook 7.95 NarrativePr
Bryant, Edwin, 1805-1869 What I saw in California [via South Pass of the Rocky Mountains; great desert basin] 1848 Graphic Free Libr Congress
Burdett, Charles Life of Kit Carson, the Great Western Hunter & Guide:...w/account of various government expeditions to the far 1902 Graphic Html Free KentuckyDLib
Burton, Richard Francis (Sir) The city of the saints, & across the Rocky mountains to California 1862 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Carbutt, Mrs. E. H Five Months' Fine Weather in Canada, Western US, & Mexico 1889 Graphic Free ECO
Christman, Enos, 1828-1912 [frm Pa.] One Man's Gold: The Letters & Journal of a Forty-Niner [journalist; gold prospecting] 1930 Html Free Libr Congress
Churchill, Stillman, b. 1823 Diary, 1849 (vol 1) [to Calif w/Sagamore & Calif. Mining & Trading Co] 200-? Graphic Html Free BYU [LC]
Churchill, Stillman, b. 1823 Diary, 1849 (vol 2) [to Calif w/Sagamore & Calif. Mining and Trading Co] 200-? Graphic Html Free BYU [LC]
Clark, Thomas Dionysius, 1903- The Old Southwest, 1795-1830 1996 NetLibr (Ebsco) 18.95 UOklahomaPr
Clarke, A. B. (Asa Bement), 1817- Travels In Mexico & California 1988 NetLibr (Ebsco) 24.95 TexasA&MUPr
Cobbey, John Furmes, 1827-1854 Journal, 1850 [Mo. to Calif.; buffalo; Indian villages; mountain fever; geography & nature] 200-? Graphic Html Free BYU [LC]
Coke, Henry John A ride over the Rocky Mountains to Oregon & California...incl. the West Indies & Sandwich Isles 1852 Lond Graphic PDF Free UGoettingen
Colfax, Schuyler, 1823-1885 Across the continent by overland stage in 1865 [Mo. to Calif; terrain; Ore., Nv.] 200-? Graphic Html Free BYU [LC]
Cone, Gordon C., 1807-1882 Diary, 1849-1850 [by ox team, Wisc to Calif.; indians; cholera; Salt Lake City; return to NY] 200-? Graphic Html Free BYU [LC]
Corrigan, Monica (Sister) The Trek of the Seven Sisters [illus.] [San Diego to Tuscon AZ; 1870] [Carondelet Sisters] 1870? Html PDF Free UArizona
Derby, George Horatio Phoenixiana: or, Sketches & Burlesques [illus.] [of Mass.; grad West Point; led 3 explr in Calif; humorist] 1903 Html Free Libr Congress
Dobie, J. Frank Guide to Life & Literature of the Southwest [Indians, Spanish, Texas Rangers, Pioneers, Cowboys, Buffalos, etc 1952-expd Html Free SWClassicsOL
Dobie, J. Frank Guide to Life and Literature of the Southwest 1952 Txt-G Free GutenbergUS
Dodge, Richard Irving, 1827-1895. The Powder River Expedition Journals Of Colonel Richard Irving 1997 NetLibr (Ebsco) 28.95 UOklahomaPr
Dowsett, Charles Finch A Start in Life. A Journey Across America. Fruit Farming in California. 1891? Html Free Libr Congress
Drake, Francis (Sir) 1540-1596 1579: Sir Francis Drake on the California Coast 1579/1906 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Drake, Samuel Adams The Making of the Great West: 1512-1883 2001 Adobe eBook 4.95 DigitalScan
Duff, Carolyn S Learning From Other Women 1999 NetLibr (Ebsco) 22.95 AmacomBks
Duhaut-Cilly, Auguste Bernard A Voyage To California, The Sandwich Islands & Around The World 1999 NetLibr (Ebsco) 29.95 UCaPress
Duhaut-Cilly, Auguste Bernard, 1790-1849 A Voyage To California, 1827-28 [tr. Franklin Carter; Q. Cal. Hist. Soc.] 1929 Html 29.95 WiscHistSoc
Dutton, Bertha P American Indians of the Southwest 1983 Questia subs UNewMexicoPr
Eagleston, J. H Early Voyages to California 1874 Html Free Libr Congress
Edwards, Frank S A Campaign in New Mexico with Colonel Doniphan 1847 Html Free KansasCol
Emory, W. H. Notes of a military reconnoissance, from Fort Leavenworth, Missouri, to San Diego, California, incl. the Arkan 1848 Washg Graphic PDF Free UGoettingen
Foreman, Grant Pioneer Days In The Early Southwest 1994 NetLibr (Ebsco) 14.95 UNebraskaPr
Fremont, Jessie Benton Far-West Sketches [1887 RR trip to Calif; daughter of Senator; grandaughter of explorer] c1890 Html Free Libr Congress
Fremont, Jessie Benton, Mrs., 1824-1902 A Year of American Travel [first trip to California in 1849: the voyage & crossing at Chagres] 1878 Html Free Libr Congress
Fremont, John Charles Narrative of the exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains, 1842, & Oregon & North California in 1843-44 [il 1846 Lond Graphic PDF Free UGoettingen
Fremont, John Charles, 1813-1890 Report of the exploring expedition to the Rocky Mountains, 1842, & to Oregon & North California, 1843-44 [Miss 1845 Graphic Free BYU [LC]
Geils, Brian W., ed & Cathy W Dahms Forest Ecosystem Health in the Southwest [illus.] Html Free
Geol. & Geog. Survey of the Territories Preliminary report: US Geological survey of Montana & adjacent territories; 5th ann report 1872 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Gerstacker, Friedrich (1816-72) Scenes of Life in California (tr. French) 1942 Html Free Libr Congress
Goodman, George J., 1904- Retracing Major Stephen H. Long's 1820 Expedition 1995 NetLibr (Ebsco) 42.95 UOklahomaPr
Greeley, Horace An Overland Journey From NY To San Francisco In The Summer of 1999 NetLibr (Ebsco) 15.00 UNebraskaPr
Greeley, Horace An Overland Journey from NY to San Francisco in the Summer of 1859 (intro Jo Ann Manfra) 1999 Questia subs UNebraskaPr
Greeley, Horace An overland journey, from NY to San Francisco, summer of 1859 1860 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Hart, William Henry, 1829-1888 Diaries, 1852-1888 (vol 2) [gold mining; ret to NY by steamer, hijacked; life in Ill.] 200-? Graphic Html Free BYU [LC]
Hartford Union Mining & Trading Company Around the Horn in '49; journal of the Hartford Union Mining & Trading Company. [voyage] 1898 Html Free Libr Congress
Hastings, Lansford Warren, 1819-ca. 1870 The emigrants' guide to Oregon & California [Calif. & Oregon trail] 1845 Graphic Free BYU [LC]
Hayes, Benjamin Ignatius, 1815-1877 [frm Pioneer Notes from the Diaries of Judge Benjamin Hayes, 1849-1875 [overland, Mo. to Calif; attorney, judge in 1929 Html Free Libr Congress
Headley, Ezekiel Whitehead, 1830-1918 (f Diary, 1852 [Cincinnati to Calif.; large number of deaths in company; gold] 200-? Graphic Html Free BYU [LC]
Heap, Gwinn Harris Central route to the Pacific from the Valley of the Mississippi to California [incl. New Mexico; Mormon settle 1854 Phila Graphic PDF Free UGoettingen
Heywood, Joseph Leland, 1815-1910 Diaries, 1855-1856 (vol 1) [Mormon pioneer; to Calif. on gvt busines; Salt Lake to D.C. via Atchison; politic 200-? Graphic Html Free BYU [LC]
Hodgson, Joseph, 1838-1913 The cradle of the Confederacy: Times of Troup, Quitman, & Yancey. S.W. political 1861 1876 Mobile Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Houghton, Eliza P. Donner The Expedition of the Donner Party & its Tragic Fate [1911] 1911 Html Free Libr Congress
Houghton, Eliza Poor Donner The Expedition Of The Donner Party And Its Tragic Fate 1998 NetLibr (Ebsco) 16.00 UNebraskaPr
Immen, Loraine Letters of Travel in California, in the Winter & Spring of 1896 1896? Html Free Libr Congress
Irving, Washington The Adventures of Captain Bonneville, USA in the Rocky Mountains & Far West: Digested from His Journals & Illu 1873 Questia subs Belford Clarke
Jackson, Edward, b. 1827 Diary, 1849 [Mo. to Calif.; trail; Indians; forts; cholera; Salt Lake; gold; ret to Mass.] 200-? Graphic Html Free BYU [LC]
Johnson, Lynne E & Linda J Jacobs Biology of the Rio Grande Border Region: A Bibliography 1997 Html Free USGS

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