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Columbus, Christopher 1492: Christopher Columbus: Extracts from Journal [Aug.-Nov. 1492] 1492 Html Free MedvSourceBook
Columbus, Christopher 1492: Christopher Columbus: Extracts from Journal [Aug.-Oct. 1492] 1492 Html Free MedvSourceBook
Columbus, Christopher 1492: Journal of the First Voyage of Columbus [in Olson & Bourne, The Northmen] 1492/1906 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
1492: Priviledges & Prerogatives Granted by Their Catholic Majesties to Christopher Columbus Apr30 1492 Html Free YaleU-Law
Columbus, Christopher 1493: Concerning the Islands Recently Discovered in the Indian Sea [Epistola De Insulis Nuper Inventis] 1493 Basel Html Free USMaine
Columbus, Christopher 1494?: Christopher Columbus, letter to the King & Queen of Spain 1494 Html Free UKansas
1498: Letters Patents of King Henry VII to John Cabot & Sonnes, for Discouerie of New Lands Mar5 1498 Html Free YaleU-Law
Columbus, Christopher 1503: Letter of Columbus on the Fourth Voyage [in Olson & Bourne, The Northmen] 1503/1906 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Ponce de Leon, Juan, 1460?-1521, et. al. 1513: History of Juan Ponce de Leon's Voyages to Florida: Source Records [Fla. Hist Soc Q.] 1513/1935 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Verrazzano, Giovanni da, 1485?-1527 1524: Voyage of John de Verazzano, along the Coast of North America, from Carolina to Newfoundland, A.D. 1524 1524/1841 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Mendoza, Antonio de, 1492?-1552 1528: A Letter Written by the Most Honorable Lord Don Antonio de Mendoza, Vice-Roy of Nueva Espanna, to the Em 1528/1905 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Marco, da Nizza, ca. 1495-1558 1528: Relation of the Reverend Father Frier Marco de Nica, Touching His Discovery of the Kingdom of Ceuola or 1528/1905 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, Alvar, 16th c. 1528: The Journey of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca & His Companions from Florida to the Pacific 1528-1536 1528/1905 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Cartier, Jacques, 1491-1557 1534: First Relation of Jaques Carthier of S. Malo, 1534 [Newfoundland, Labrador, Gulf of St. Lawrence] 1534/1906 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Cartier, Jacques, 1491-1557 1535: Shorte and Briefe Narration (Cartier's Second Voyage), 1535-1536 [Newfoundland, St. Lawrence River, sit 1536/1906 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Hakluyt, Richard 1536: Voyage of M. [Robert] Hore [northwest passage; Newfoundland] 1536/1906 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Soto, Hernando de, ca1500-1542 1539: Letter of Hernando de Soto at Tampa Bay to the Justice and Board of Magistrates in Santiago de Cuba [Fl 1539/1904 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Oviedo y Valdes, Gonzalo Fernandez de, 1 1539: Narrative of De Soto's Expedition Based on the Diary of Rodrigo Ranjel, His Private Secretary [Florida] 1539/1904 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Hernandez de Biedma, Luys 1539: Relation of the Conquest of Florida Luys Hernandez de Biedma in the Year 1544 to the King of Spain 1544/1904 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Ulloa, Francisco de 1539: The Voyage of Francisco de Ulloa, 1539 1539/1904 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Castaneda de Najera, Pedro de, 16th c 1540: Journey of Coronado, 1540-1542 [ed: George Parker Winship] 1540/1904 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Coronado, Francisco Vasquez de, 1510?-15 1540: The Journey of Coronado, 1540-42, ... City of Mexico to the Grand Canon ... Buffalo Plains of Texas, Kan 1904 NY Html Free UArizona
Cartier, Jacques, 1491-1557 1541: Third Voyage of Discovery Made By Captaine Jaques Cartier, 1541 [St. Lawrence Riv.] 1541/1906 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Cabrillo, Juan Rodriguez] 1542: Relation of the Voyage of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, 1542-1543 1542/1916 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Laudonniere, Rene Goulaine de 1562: History of the First Attempt of the French (The Huguenots) to Colonize the Newly Discovered Country of F 1562/1869 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Sparke, John 1565: The Voyage Made by M. John Hawkins Esquire [slaves from Africa; to West Indies, Florida, Huguenots] 1565/1906 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Pardo, Juan, 16th c 1566: Account of Florida, 1566-1568 [Smithsonian Inst. Pr.] 1566/1990 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Hawkins, John (Sir) 1532-1595 1567: Third Troublesome Voyage Made with the Jesus of Lubec, 1567-1568 [African Coast slaves; West Indies; ea 1567/1906 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
1578: Letters Patent to Sir Humfrey Gylberte June11 1578 Html Free YaleU-Law
Drake, Francis (Sir) 1540-1596 1579: Sir Francis Drake on the California Coast 1579/1906 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Bustamente, Pedro de 1581: Declaration of Pedro de Bustamente, 1582 1581/1916 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Barrado, Hernando 1582: Declaration of Hernando Barrado, 1582 [southwest; murder of missionaries] 1582/1916 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Espejo, Antonio de 1583: Account of the Journey to the Provinces and Settlements of New Mexico, 1583 1583/1916 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
1583: Brief & True Account of the Exploration of New Mexico 1583/1916 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
1583: Report of the Viceroy to the King [southwest] 1583/1916 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Hayes, Edward 1583: Voyage of Sir Humfrey Gilbert, Knight, 1583 [via Newfoundland, St. John Harbor, Cape Breton] 1583/1916 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Barlowe, Arthur 1584: Captain Arthur Barlowe's Narrative of the First Voyage to the Coasts of America [Pamlico Sound; Roanoke 1584/1906 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Elizabeth I 1584: Charter to Sir Walter Raleigh 1584 Html Free YaleU-Law
Lane, Ralph (d. 1603) 1585: Lane's Account of the Englishmen Left in Virginia, 1585-1586 1585/1906 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Lane, Ralph, d. 1603 1586: Third Voyage to Virginia, 1586 1586/1906 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
White, John, 1570-1615 1587: The Fourth Voyage Made to Virginia in the Yere 1587 1587/1906 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
White, John, 1570-1615 1590: The Fifth Voyage of M. John White, 1590 [Canaries, West Indies, American Coast; colonists gone at Roano 1590/1906 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
1596: Record of Marches by the Army, New Spain to New Mexico, 1596-98 1596/1953 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Onate, Juan de, 1549?-1624 1596: True Account of the Expedition of Onate toward the East [the Indian Joseph; Apaches; > Texas, Oklahoma, 1596/1916 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
1597: Salazar Inspection, 1597 [to New Mexico] 1597/1953 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
1598: Trial of the Indians of Acoma, 1598 [New Mexico] 1598/1953 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
1599: Account by an Indian of the Flight of Umana & Leyba from New Mexico 1599/1953 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Onate, Juan de, 1549?-1624 1599: Account of the Discovery of the Buffalo 1599/1916 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Onate, Juan de, 1549?-1624 1599: Account of the Discovery of the Mines 1599/1916 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Onate, Juan de, 1549?-1624 1599: Account of the Journey to the Salines, the Xumanas, & the Sea 1599/1916 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Onate, Juan de, 1549?-1624 1599: Letter Written by Don Juan de Onate from New Mexico 1599/1953 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Valverde y Mercado, Francisco de 1601: Investigation of Conditions in New Mexico, 1601 1601/1953 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Vizcaino, Sebastian, 1550?-1615 1602-3: Diary of Sebastian Vizcaino, 1602-1603 [Mexico, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Cape Mendocino] 1603/1916 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Ascension, Antonio de la 1602: Brief Report of the Discovery in the South Sea [Mexico, the coast of California, southern Oregon] 1602/1916 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Brereton, John, 1572-ca1619 1602: Briefe & True Relation of the Discoverie of the North Part of Virginia in 1602 1602/1906 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Pring, Martin, 1580-1646 1603: The Voyage of Martin Pring, 1603 [Maine coast; Plymouth Harbor] 1603/1906 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Zarate Salmeron, Geronimo de 1604: Journey of Onate to California by Land [Arizona, California] 1604/1916 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Champlain, Samuel de, 1567-1635 1604: Voyage of Samuel de Champlain, 1604-1608 [Prince Society, v2; tr. Charles P Otis] 1604/1878 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Rosier, James, 1575-1635 1605: True Relation of Waymouth's Voyage, 1605 [Nantucket; Maine; developed a dictionary of Abnaki words] 1605/1906 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
1606: The First Charter of Virginia; Apr10 1606 Html Free YaleU-Law
1609: The Second Charter of Virginia; May23 1609 Html Free YaleU-Law
1611: The Third Charter of Virginia; Mar12 1611 Html Free YaleU-Law
Bradford, William, 1588-1657 1620: Bradford's History "Of Plimoth Plantation" 1898 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
1620: Charter of New England; Nov3 1620 Html Free YaleU-Law
1620: Mayflower Compact; Nov11 1620 Html Free YaleU-Law
1621: Charter of the Dutch West India Company; Jun3 1621 Html Free YaleU-Law
1621: Ordinances for Virginia; July 24-Aug3 1621 Html Free YaleU-Law
1622: A Grant of the Province of Maine to Sir Ferdinando Gorges & John Mason Aug10 1622 Html Free YaleU-Law
1623: Virginia Planters' Answer to Captain Butler 1907 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
1629: Charter of the Colony of New Plymouth Granted to William Bradford & Associates Jan13 1629 Html Free YaleU-Law
1629: Grant of Hampshire to Capt. John Mason, Nov7 1629 Html Free YaleU-Law
1629: Sir Robert Heath's Patent 5 Charles 1st; Oct30 [Carolinas] 1629 Html Free YaleU-Law
1629: The Charter of Massachusetts Bay; March 4 1629 Html Free YaleU-Law
1632: Charter of Maryland; Jun20 1632 Html Free YaleU-Law
1635: Grant of Province of New Hampshire to Mr. Mason, By the Name of Masonia; Apr22 1635 Html Free YaleU-Law

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