U.S. History: Immigration: Economic Aspects


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Emigration & its Principles: Emigrate, Emigrate (The Living Age...Mag.; suplus labor in UK) 1844 Graphic Free CornellU
Occupations of Immigrants (Manufacturer & Builder Mag.; 1/2 unskilled; farmers, servants, store-keepers, carpe 1877 Graphic Free CornellU
Our Foreign Immigration (Manufacturer & Builder Mag.; "greatest blessing"; Chinese; valued labor) 1879 Graphic Free CornellU
Plain Facts about Dawson County, Montana: A good home at small cost. Some Free Homesteads still to be had [lan 1910]Minn. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
The Emigrant Builder; or, Practical Hints to Handy Men (Manufacturer & Builder Mag.; review) 1872 Graphic Free CornellU
Tovarysh imigranta: kaliendar Rus'koho narodnoho soiuza na...rik [nos. 4, 6, 7, 11; 1915-22; Ukrainians; labor 1915-22 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Agri., Mech. & Immigration Conv. (1870) Proc. of the Immigration Conv., Academy of Music, Charleston, SC, on 3-5th of May, 1870 [immigration state to 1870Chlstn Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Amer. Acad. of Political & Social Scienc The cost of living [Annals, v 48, #137; minimum wage reform; in G.B. & Australia, Mass. & Penn., immigration c1913]Phila Graphic PDF Free Harvard
American Academy of Political & Social S Country Life [rural social & industrial problems; farm tenancy, agri. labor] 1912 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
American Emigrant Company Statement, object & mode of operation of this company, addr. to the employers of labor in all parts of the US 1865] NY Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Amoskeag Manufacturing Company Records, 1831-1936 (inclusive) [nationality of employees, 1911-1929; typescript] 1911- Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Anon. A Full Account: The lives & crimes of the Mollie Maguires. The confessions & executions. With an account of th 1877 Phila. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Anon. Things you should know before buying an orchard in the Bitter Root Valley [ 1909?]Minn. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Bennett, H. C. Chinese Labor: A lecture, delivered before the San Francisco Mechanics' institute [working conditions; attitud 1870SFrnsco Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Black, John D. Land Settlement & Colonization in the Great Lakes States 1925 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Boddy, E. Manchester Japanese in America [pop. in Calif.; wages & working hours; assimilation; standard of living; edu.] c1921 L.A. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Bodnar, John Immigration & Industrialization: Ethnicity in an American Mill Town, 1870-1940 [Steelton, PA] 1977 Pittsb Questia subs UPittsburghPr
Bolton, Henry Carrington Fortune-telling in America today A study of advertisements [American Folk-lore Society; self-employed, entrepr 1895]Bost. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Breckinridge, Sophonisba Preston New Homes for Old [Immigrants; working class; civic & public; lawyers; Reformers; vocational training; cost o 1921 NY Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Brewer, Daniel Chauncey The Conquest of New England by the Immigrant [the Yankee, expansion & deterioration - homogeneity to heteroge 1926 NY Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Briggs, Vernon M., Jr. American Unionism & US Immigration Policy 2001 Html PDF CIS-Cornell
Brockett, L. P. (comp.) Handbook of the USA, & guide to emigration: giving the latest & most complete statistics of the government, ar 1883 NY Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Bullock, Edna D. Selected articles on the employment of women [factory legislation for women; immigrant women; industrial dise 1911 Minnp Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Butler, Benjamin F. Address on Suggestions on the Effect of an Imported Laboring Class upon American Institutions 1870 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Calif. Bd of Trade California: Early history, commercial position, climate, scenery, forests, general resources, irrigation, mini 1897]S.F. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Canada Royal Comm. Rpt of the Royal Comm. Appointed to Inquire into the Methods by Which Oriental Labourers Have Been Induced to 1908Ottwa Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Chetwood, John 1896A] Immigration fallacies [business & industry attitudes; anti-immigration parties] 1896 Bost. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Cigar Makers' Union of San Francisco Protect Home Industry: Cigar Makers' Int'l Union, San Francisco [certificate, holder has vowed not to buy Chin 1887 Graphic Free UCaBancroftLib
Das, Rajani Kanta Hindustani Workers on the Pacific coast [wages, conditions, standard of living, unionism ...] 1923 Berlin Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Denslow, Van Buren The Chinese Question [International Rev., 1874; business & industry attitudes] 1881 NY Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Dimock, Leila Allen Comrades From Other Lands: what they are doing for us & what we are doing for them [coal mining, fruit-growin c1913 NY Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Downie, William Hunting for Gold: Reminisences [sic] of personal experience ... in the early days of the Pacific coast from Al 1893SFrnsco Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Edmonston, Barry, ed., et. al. Local Fiscal Effects of Illegal Immigration: Report of a Workshop 1996 Graphic Free NatAcadPr
Eliot, Charles William (NY) Views of Charles W. Eliot & Andrew Carnegie opposing restriction of immigration: remarks of William S. Bennet 1911 Wash. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Ellis, J. L. Railroads & the Immigrant (in: J. of Social Sci., xliv, Sept., 1906) 1906 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Emerson, Guy The New Frontier: ... the American liberal spirit, its frontier origin, & its application to modern problems [ 1920 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Fairchild, Henry Pratt Immigration: A world movement & its American significance [racial composition of immigration stream; inspecti 1913 NY Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Frost, Jennett Blakeslee California's Greatest Curse [the Chinese Question; Stock gambling; Capitol & Labor, the Curse] 1879 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Fuller, Edward (b 1860) The Complaining Millions of Men, A novel [Boston, labor unions & working conditions] 1893 NY Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Georgia Comm. of Agriculture A manual of Georgia for the use of immigrants & capitalists (comp. Thomas P. Janes) 1878 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Georgia. Dept. of Agriculture A manual of Georgia for the use of Immigrants & Capitalists (ed.: Thomas P. Janes, comm. of agriculture) 1878 Atlant Html Free GeorgiaDLibr
Gompers, Samuel 1850-1924 Schemes to Distribute Immigrants [Amer. Federation of Labor; working conditions; employment; American Federat 1911 Wash. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Great Northern RR Co. (firm) Replying to your inquiry in regard to free land in Montana]. Office of General Immigration Agent (E C Leedy] 1913]SPaul Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Green, Nancy L. Ready-To-Wear & Ready-To-Work: A Century of Industry & Immigrants in Paris & New York 1997 Questia subs DukeUPr
Grimm, Frederic Notes on civilization, over-production, competition, protection, silver question, Chinese, etc.: giving a caus 1886SFrnsco Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Guerin-Gonzales, Camille & Carl Strikwer The Politics of Immigrant Workers: Labor Activism & Migration in the World Economy since 1830 1993 NY Questia subs Holmes&Meier
Gulick, Sidney Lewis A Comprehensive Immigration Policy & Program [industrial unrest, unemployment] 1915?] NY Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Gulick, Sidney Lewis A Comprehensive Immigration Policy & Program: A step towards peace [Amer. Unitarian Assn., bull. #38] 191-?]Bost. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Hale, Edward Everett How they lived in Hampton: A study of practical Christianity applied in the manufacture of woollens [fiction; c1888 Bost. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Hansbrough, Henry C. (Sen.) Why Immigration Should Not be Suspended (N. Amer Rev.; cholera, disease not prevented; important to commercial 1893 Graphic Free CornellU
Hartshorn, Edwin A. Wages, Living, & Tariff [American Protective Tariff League] 1888?] Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Haskin, Frederic Jennings The Immigrant: An asset & a liability [articles from newspapers in US; Fed. reports] c1913] NY Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Hawaii Bd of Immigration Report on Supply of Labor, etc [William Hillebrand (Royal Comm. China & India)] 1867 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Hayes, Everis Anson Japanese Exclusion: speech, E. A. Hayes, of Calif. in the House of Representatives, Mar 13, 1906 [alien labor] 1906 Wash. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Hill, Hamilton Andrews 1827-95 An Inquiry into the Relations of Immigration to Pauperism [Sec. Boston Bd. of Trade; poor, immigrants, taxati 1876 Bost. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Hourwich, Isaac Aaronovich Immigration & Labor: The Economic Aspects of European Immigration to the US 1912 NY Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Hourwich, Isaac Aaronovich Immigration & Labor: The Economic aspects of European immigration to the US [working conditions; safety; wage 1922 NY Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Hourwich, Issac A. Immigration & Labor: The Economic Aspects of European Immigration to the US 1912 NY Questia subs Putnams
Hughes, Thomas Rugby, Tennessee: ... account of the settlement founded on the Cumberland plateau by the Bd of Aid to Land Own 1881 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Hull House (Chicago) Hull-House maps & papers: ... nationalities & wages in a congested district of Chicago: ... social conditions c1895 Chi. Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Hurd, Frank Hunt (Hon.-OH) Industrial Slavery [free trade, tariff - US] 1885?] NY? Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Idaho Bur. Immigration, Labor & Statisti The State of Idaho [official rpts; labor, immigration, vols for 1904 & 1905; lands, agri., edu., prisons, hosp 1904-6Boise Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Illinois Dept. of Regis. & Edu. Immigrat The immigrant & coal mining communities of Illinois 1920 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Immigration Conv. of Texas (1887) Proc. of the Immigration Conv. of Texas, Dallas, Texas, Dec 20-21, 1887, & of the St. Immigration Comm. of Tex 1888Dallas Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Immigration Restriction League (Bost.?) Records, 1893-1921 [22pp.; typescript; textile workers; New Hampshire cotton mill] 1893- Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Industrial Aid Society The Industrial Aid Society Today, & a record of its activities, 1927-28; 1928-29 [poor men, services for; Bos 1928-29Bost Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Industrial Workers of the World What is the IWW.?: A candid statement of its principles, objects, & methods 1922?] 3dCh Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Irsch, Francis Florida Immigration: address, County Commissioners, corporations, land owners & citizens of Florida [Coloniza 1881 Graphic PDF Free UFlorida
Japanese & Korean Excl. League, San Fran Japanese Immigration, Occupations, Wages, etc. comp. from U.S. govt rpts & rpts of Calif. Bureau of Labor Stat 1907] Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Japanese Agricultural Assn The Japanese Farmers in California [incl. War activities of the Japanese in Amer.] 1918]SFrnsc Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Kellor, Frances 1873-1952 Immigration & the future [working conditions; industrial workers; attitudes] c1920] NY Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Kellor, Frances 1873-1952 Out of Work: A study of Unemployment [women, children, immigrants; agencies; unemployment insurance] 1915 NY Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Kelly, D. D. (comp. ?) The Principles of free trade: as shown by Messrs. Gladstone, Wells, Perry, Sumner, & others ... our present ta 1886 EBost. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Kemesis, Fabian S. Cooperation among the Lithuanians in the USA [consumers co-operative movement, insurance co-op, cooperation & 1924 Wash. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Kilby, William Information concerning the largest area of Homestead Land in Minnesota [public lands, sales] 1913?] Graphic PDF Free Harvard

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