U.S. History: Immigrant & Ethnic Communities: English / Welsh / Scottish


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Adventures of a Young Lady Endeavoring to Emigrate to America (The Living Age Mag.) 1850 Graphic Free CornellU
Anon. The British colonist in North America: a guide for intending emigrants 1890 Lond. Graphic Free UCalgary
Argyll, John Douglas Sutherland Campbell Memories of Canada & Scotland: Speeches & Verses 1884 Html Graphic Free ECO
Baron, Don Beyond Rogues' Harbour: the epic story of a Canadian Anglo-Saxon family [Armstrong, Hammond & Baron families; 1993 Regina Graphic Free UCalgary
Bolton, Charles Knowles Scotch Irish pioneers in Ulster & America 1910 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Brewer, Daniel Chauncey The Conquest of New England by the Immigrant 1926 NY Questia subs Putnams
Brock, William R & Helen Scotus Americanus: A Survey of the Sources for Links between Scotland & America in the 18th c 1982 Questia subs EdinburghUPr
Browning, Charles Henry Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania [incl. Welsh land companies] 1912 Phila. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Bryce, George 1844-1931 The life of Lord Selkirk: Coloniser of western Canada [illus.] 1912Toronto Graphic Free UAlberta
Burritt, Elihu Washington's words to intending English emigrants to America [calculated for the residence of a British emigra 1870 Lond. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Butler, James Davie British Convicts Shipped to American Colonies (Am Hist Rev) 1896 Html Free DinsmoreDoc
Cannon, John Quayle George Cannon, the immigrant, Isle of Man, 1794-St. Louis, USA, 1844. His ancestry, his life, his native land, 1927SLkCty Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Chambers, George 1786-1866 A tribute to the virtues, & public usefulness of the Irish & Scotch early settlers of Pa. By a descendant 1856 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Christian, Bolivar Scotch-Irish settlers in the valley of Virginia: address, Washington College, Lexington, Va. 1860 Richmd Graphic Txt Free KentuckyDLib
Cockburn, James Seton Canada for Gentlemen: ... letters from James Seton Cockburn [Canadian immigration lit.] 1884 Lond. Graphic Free UCalgary
Collins, S. H. The emigrant's guide to & description of the USA; incl/... important letters from English emigrants now in Ame 1830]4dLond Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Crosland, Thomas William Hodgson The Unspeakable Scot [national charactistics] 1902 Lond. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Cummings, Hubertis M. (Hubertis Maurice), 1884-196 Scots breed and Susquehanna [Scots-Irish - Susquehanna River Valley] 1964 Pittsb PDF Graphic Free UPittsburghPr
Eagle, Edward E. The Hope of the Future [Great Britain, Colonies; relations] c1921]Bost. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Earl of Selkirk On Emigration & the State of the Highlands 1805 Html Free ElecScotland
Ebbutt, Percy G Emigrant Life in Kansas [non-fiction] 1886 Lond. Html Free KansasCol
Farquharson, Donald Robert Tales & memories of Cromar & Canada [Farquharson family--Scots--Ontario--Social life & customs] 1925? Graphic Free UCalgary
Farrar, J. Maurice Five Years in Minnesota 1880 Lond. Html Graphic Free Libr Congress
Faux, William Memorable days in America, Journal of a Tour...Condition & Prospects of British Emigrants...settlement in Illi 1823 Lond. Graphic PDF Free UGoettingen
Fearon, Henry Bradshaw, b. ca. 1770 Sketches of America. ... a journey of 5000 miles through the eastern & western states...rpts to the 39 English 1818 Graphic Free Libr Congress
Ford, Henry Jones The Scotch-Irish in America 1915 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Garland, Robert The Scotch-Irish in Western Pennsylvania 1923 Pittsb Graphic Txt Free HstPittsburgh
Glasgow North Amer. Colonial Soc. 6th Annual rpt, Society for Promoting the Religious Interests of Scottish Settlers in British North America 1832 Glsgw Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Glenn, Thomas Allen Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania [2vols.] 1911-13Oxfo Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Goodwin, Maud Wilder Dutch & English on the Hudson: A chronicle of Colonial New York [Chronicles of America Ser. #7] 1920NHavn Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Gordon, James Eight letters on ... the Earl of Selkirk's pamphlet on Highland emigration: As they lately appeared under the 1806 Edinbg Graphic Free UAlberta
Green, Samuel Swett The Scotch-Irish in America: a paper, American Antiquarian Society, Apr 24, 1895, with correspondence called o 1895 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Hanna, Charles A The Scotch-Irish, or, The Scot in North Britain, North Ireland, & North America 1902 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Holyoake, George Jacob Among the Americans [illus. Frank Leslie; national characteristics, Amer.; British public opinion] 1881 Lond. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Hough, Emerson The Sowing: A Yankee's view of England's duty to herself & to Canada [Attitudes; British; Canada - economic co 1909 Chi. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Hughes, David Welsh people of California, 1849-1906 1923? Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Intl. Expo. Eisteddfod, San Francisco (1 International Exposition Eisteddfod, San Francisco, 1915, Jul 27-30 [Welsh; California; San Francisco] 1914SFrsco Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Jenkins, Howard Malcolm Historical collections relating to Gwynedd: a township of Montgomery County, Pa., settled 1698, by Welsh immig 1884 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Jenkins, Jenkin 1803-1886 Hanes unwaith am Siencyn Ddwywaith: sef y pethau mwyaf hynod yn ei fywyd, yn nghyda rhai traethodau, a thalfyr 1872 Utica Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Johnson, Stanley Currie A History of Emigration from the UK to North America, 1763-1912 1913 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Jones, Alexander The Cymry of '76, or, Welshmen & their descendants of the American Revolution: an address, ... 1855 NY Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Linehan, John Cornelius The Irish Scots & the Scotch-Irish: an historical & ethnological monograph, w/some ref. to Scotia Major & Scot 1902Concord Graphic PDF Free Harvard
MacBean, William Munro Biographical register of Saint Andrew's Society of the State of New York (2 vols.) [Scotts] 1922- Graphic PDF Free Harvard
MacBeth, Roderick George 1858-1934 Farm life in the Selkirk Colony 1897 Winnip Graphic Free UAlberta
MacBeth, Roderick George 1858-1934 The Selkirk settlers in real life. [social life & customs; frontier & pioneer life; Scots & Irish in Canada; R 1897 Toront Graphic Free UAlberta
MacDougall, D. J. (ed.) Scots & Scots Descendant in America 1917 NY Html Free ElecScotland
MacDougall, D. J. (ed.) Scots & Scots' Descendants in America 1917-] Graphic PDF Free Harvard
MacLean, John Patterson 1848-1939 An historical account of the settlements of Scotch Highlanders in America prior to the peace of 1783; with not 1900 Graphic Free UMichigan
Marcus, Moses Addr. to ... United Church of England & Ireland, & the Protestant Episcopal church, USA ... on ... emigration, 1846 NY Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Mellon, Thomas, 1813-1908 Thomas Mellon and his times [fdw: David McCullough; Mellon family; founder, Mellon Bank] 1994 Pittsb PDF Graphic Free UPittsburghPr
Miller, Edward & Frederic P Wells History of Ryegate, Vermont, from its Settlement by the Scotch-American Company of Farmers to the Present Time 1913 St.Jhn Graphic Free ElecScotland
Miller, Samuel, 1769-1850 Memoir of the Rev. Charles Nisbet, D.D. ["Scottish Presbyterian minister & 1st president, Dickinson College"] 1840 NY Graphic Free DickinsonCol
Morleigh A Merry Briton in Pioneer Wisconsin...Life in the West 1842/1950 Html Graphic Free Libr Congress
Morrison, Leonard Allison, 1843-1902 The history of Windham in New Hampshire (Rockingham country). 1719-1883. A Scotch settlement (commonly called Scotch-Irish), 1883 Bost. PDF Kindle EPub Free NYPL
Muir, John, 1838-1914 The Story of my Boyhood & Youth [frontier & pioneer life; naturalist, Scotland & US - Wisc.] c1913 Bost. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
O'Connell, Jeremiah D. The Scotch-Irish Delusion in America: O'Connell's historical reply to Pres. Eliot of Harvard College: Bishop S 1897 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Pennsylvania Scotch-Irish Soc. Annual Meeting & Banquet of the Pennsylvania Scotch-Irish Society at the Hotel Bellvue, Philadelphia 1890 Phila. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Pickering, Joseph Inquiries of an Emigrant; ... narrative of an English farmer, 1824-1830: during which time he traversed the US 1832 Lond. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Pope, Charles Henry English & Scotch immigrant ancestors of the Clapp-Cheney family 1900 Bost. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Quaife, Milo Milton (comp.) Pictures of Illinois 100 Years Ago [English immigrant in 1817; Chicago Treaty of 1821; 1918 Chi. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Rattray, W. J. The Scot in British North America (4vols.) 1880 Trnto Html Free ElecScotland
Rattray, W. J. The Scot in British North America, v 1 [Scottish Canadians] 1880Toronto Graphic Free UCalgary
Rattray, W. J. The Scot in British North America, v 2 1880Toronto Graphic Free UCalgary
Rattray, W. J. The Scot in British North America, v 3 1880Toronto Graphic Free UCalgary
Rattray, W. J. The Scot in British North America, v 4 1880Toronto Graphic Free UCalgary
Reid, Whitelaw The Scot in America, & the Ulster Scot 1911 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Robinson, W. Stitt James Glen: From Scottish Provost to Royal Governor of South Carolina 1996 Questia subs Greenwood
Ross, Peter The Scot in America 1896 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Saint Andrew's Society of NYS Register of Saint Andrew's Society of NYS: 2nd series, 1807-1831 (Pt. 1) & 1832-1856 (Pt. 2) (comp. William A. 1922 NY Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Saint Andrew's Society of NYS Register of Saint Andrew's Society of NYS: 3rd series, 1857-1906 [Scottish-Americans] 1923 NY Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Saint Andrew's Society of NYS Roster of Saint Andrew's Society of NYS, with biographical data 1911- Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Scotch-Irish Congress (1889- ) The Scotch-Irish in America: proceedings of the Scotch-Irish Congress [1st, 1889 - 10th, 1901] 1889- Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Selkirk, Thomas Douglas (Earl) 1771-1820 Lord Selkirk's diary, 1803-1804: A journal of his travels in British N.A. & the Northeastern US 1958 Graphic Free ChamplainSoc
Sellar, Robert Morven [Deir (west of Scotland) > Virginia > Canada] 1911 Html Free ElecScotland
Shaw, Anna Howard The Story of a Pioneer [Scottish immigrants; Shaws of Rothiemurchus, in Scotland] n.d. Html Free ElecScotland

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