Regulation, Regulating Policy & Practice

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Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia On-Line Free
Agreements Between Railway Employes & Railway Officials ... Wages & Other Regulations [Galesburg] 1891 GPO Graphic or PDF Free Google
Biology On Line Tutorials [cell biology; Genetics & Evolution; Growth & Dev; Regulation; Adaptation; Dev.; Hum 2002? Html Free BiologyOL
Competition, Regulation, And Convergence 1999 NetLibr (Ebsco) 69.95 Erlbaum(L)Asc
ECMT Round Tables No. 124: Transport & Spatial Policies: The Role of Regulatory & Fiscal Incentives 2004 PDF 35.00 OECD
Light on the Law: A Reference Book on "The Act to Regulate Commerce." [Inter-state commerce law; congress deba 1887 Chi. Graphic or PDF Free Google
Medicare And Medicaid Laws And Regulations 1999 NetLibr (Ebsco) 199.0 CCH Inc
Regulations for the Constabulary School: Baguio, Benguet 1909 Graphic TxtPDF Free UMichigan
Regulatory Reform in Road Freight Transport: Proceedings of the International Seminar, February 2001 2002 PDF 18.00 OECD
Regulatory Reform of Railways in Russia 2004 PDF 37.00 OECD
A Physician. Observations on contagion as it relates to the plague and other epidemical diseases & refers to the regulation 1819 Lond. Graphic PDF Free Harvard:
Allegheny County Bd of Comm [Misc. reports]. Rules & regulations for the instruction & control of employees of Allegheny Co., Pa. 2003 Pitts. Graphic Txt Free HstPittsburgh
Amer. Acad. of Political & Social Scienc Federal Regulation of Corporations] [interstate commerce; trusts; railroads & state; labor unions] 1905 Phila. PDF Kindle EPub Free UIll-Urbana
Amer. Medical Assn A Digest of the Case Law on the statutory regulation of the practice of medicine (comp., Medico-Legal Bureau 1915 Chi. Graphic Free Harvard:
Amer. School of Corresp. (Chicago) Building Code: A compilation of building regulations covering every phase of municipal building activity w/emp 1913 Chi. PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
American Express Company. Western divisi American express Co., Western div.: rules, regulations & instructions, with the general western tariff Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
American Medical Assn Laws & regulations...with a sketch of Detroit, & brief hist. of the Univ. of Michigan 1856 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Anderson, Annelise (ed.) Political Money: Deregulating American Politics: Selected Writings on Campaign Finance Reform 2000 PDF Free HooverInst
Anderson, George Weston, 1861-1938 Twenty-five Years of Regulated Monopoly: ... the Haverhill gas case: closing argument ... Mayor & City Council 1911]Havhll PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Anon. Calgary Vacant Lots Garden Club: rules & regulations 1942 Graphic Free UCalgary
Arenson, Francine Complying With COBRA After The 1999 Regulations 1999 NetLibr (Ebsco) 49.00 CCH Inc
Armstrong, Mark Regulatory Reform 1994 NetLibr (Ebsco) 45.00 MIT Press
Aron, Joan B. Licensed to Kill?: the Nuclear Regulatory Commission & the Shoreham Power Plant 1997 Pittsb PDF Graphic Free UPittsburghPr
Arrington, Alfred W. 1810-67 The Rangers and Regulators of the Tanaha, or, Life among the Lawless 1856 Graphic Html Free WrightAmFict
Assn of the Bar of the City of NY Some Legal Phases of Corporate Financing, Reorganization & Regulation [Foreclosures -RR mortgages; Sherman Law 1917 NY PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Averch, Harvey A. Private Markets and Public Intervention: A primer for policy designers [trade regulation; deregulation; privatization U.S.] 1990 Pittsb PDF Graphic Free UPittsburghPr
Banff Springs Golf Club (Can.) Constitution, rules & regulations [of the] Banff Springs Golf Club 1911 Banff Graphic Free UCalgary
Barker, James, 1940- Governance And Regulation Of Power Pools And System Operators 1997 NetLibr (Ebsco) 22.00 WorldBank
Bender Hazardous Chemicals - Control and Regulation inthe European Marke 2007 PDF subs/$ WileyIntersci
Bentley, R. I. By-laws, rules & regulations of the provincial lunatic asylum, New Westminster, BC 1885 Graphic Free UCalgary
Bett The Scottish Building Regulations: Explainedand Illustrated Third 2003 PDF subs/$ WileyIntersci
Bible Christian Church, Canada A Digest of the rules & regulations of the people denominated Bible Christians ... doctrine, order of administ 1876 Graphic Free UCalgary
Bible Christian Church, Canada A Digest of the rules & regulations of the people denominated Bible Christians ... doctrine, order of administ 1876 Bowman Graphic Free UCalgary
Board on Agriculture Environmental Effects of Transgenic Plants: The Scope and Adequacy of Regulation 2002 Graphic Free NatAcadPr
Board on Agriculture Genetically Modified Pest-Protected Plants: Science and Regulation 2000 Graphic Free NatAcadPr
Board on Environmental Studies and Toxic Classifying Drinking Water Contaminants for Regulatory Consideration 2001 Graphic Free NatAcadPr
Booth, Catherine Mumford The Iniquity of State Regulated Vice 1884 Html Free VictWomWr
Boston (MA) An ordinance prescribing rules and regulations relative to nuisances, sources of filth, and causes of sickness 1833 Bost. Graphic Free Harvard:
Boston (MA) City of Boston / by authority of the City Council ... June 20, 1832 [Health regulations for cholera outbreak] 1832 Bost. Graphic Free Harvard:
Boston (MA) Regulations for the Sanitary Government of the abattoir: adopted by the Board of Health of ... Boston, Feb 21, 1877 Bost. Graphic Free Harvard:
Boston (MA) Bd of Health Rules and regulations of the Board of Health 1873 Bost. Graphic Free Harvard:
Boston (MA) Bd of Health Rules and regulations of the Board of Health [public health, smallpox -- laws & legislation, Boston] 1873 Bost. Graphic Free Harvard:
Boston (MA) Bd of Health Rules and regulations of the Board of Health [public health, smallpox -- laws & legislation, Boston] 1873 Bost. Graphic Free Harvard:
Boston Female Asylum An account of the Boston Female Asylum: with the act of incorporation, by-laws, rules, & regulations. by-laws, 1898 Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Boston Public Library Handbook for readers: the regulations of the library with an account of the catalogues, a bibliography of special subjects, list of indexes 1890 Bost. PDF Kindle EPub Free BostonPL
Bradley A Practical Guide to The Wiring Regulations - 17th Ed. IEE Wiring 2009 PDF subs/$ WileyIntersci
Britnell, Richard H. Urban Economic Regulation & Economic Morality in Medieval England 2001 Html Free UDurham(UK)
Bryner, Gary C., 1951- The Constitution & The Regulation Of Society 1988 NetLibr (Ebsco) 42.50 BrighamYUPr
Bunch, H. M.; Kubacki, M. An analysis of industry responses to federal regulations in safety requirements for new automobiles 1978 Graphic PDF Free UMich-Trans
Butler, Josephine Elizabeth Grey Some Thoughts on the Present Aspect of the Crusade Against the State Regulation of Vice 1874 Html Free VictWomWr
Campbell, K. L.; Belzer, M. E. Hours of service regulatory evaluation analytical support. Task 1: baseline risk estimates & carrier experienc 2000 Graphic PDF Free UMich-Trans
Canada Regulations relating to quarantine to be made by vessels arriving in ...Canada [Reglements concernant la quara 1868 Ottawa Graphic Free Harvard:
Canada. Dept. of the Interior Regulations for the survey, admin., disposal & management of Dominion lands within the 40-mile railway belt, i 1893? Ottaw Graphic Free UCalgary
Canada. National Parks Branch Regulations respecting buildings in Dominion Parks 1914 Ottawa PDF Kindle EPub Free UToronto
Canada. Superintendent of Immigraion The Law & Regulations of Canada respecting Immigration & Immigrants 1911Ottawa Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Cayuga Asylum for Destitute Children, Au Report, rules, regulations & statistics...Cayuga Asylum for Destitute Children, Auburn, NY 1882 Graphic Free CornellU
Chatham & Dover RR Co. London (England) Rules & Regulations to be Observed by All Persons in the Service of the London, Chatham, & Dover Railway Compa 1878 Graphic or PDF Free Google
Cheit, Ross E. Setting Safety Standards: Regulation in the Public & Private Sectors 1990 Html Free UCaPress
China. Treaties Treaties Between the Empire of China & Foreign Powers; w/regulations for ... Foreign Trade, Conventions, Agree 1902 4dShan Graphic or PDF Free Google
Ciba Foundation Ciba Foundation Symposium - Homeostatic Regulators 1991 PDF subs/$ WileyIntersci
Ciba Foundation Ciba Foundation Symposium - Regulation and Mode of Action of Thyr 1991 PDF subs/$ WileyIntersci
Ciba Foundation Ciba Foundation Symposium - Regulation of Cell Metabolism 1991 PDF subs/$ WileyIntersci
Ciba Foundation Ciba Foundation Symposium 104 - Photoperiodic Regulation of Insec 1991 PDF subs/$ WileyIntersci
City Club of NY Protecting the Future of NYC; Plea for Stricter Regulations-Building Districts & Restrictions 1916 Graphic Free CornellU
Cleveland Dept of Public Safety Rules and Regulation of the Department of Fire For the City of Cleveland (Alfred A Benesch) 1914 Clvlnd PDF Free CaseWestern
Clopper, Edward Nicholas Street Trades Regulation [National Child Labor Committee] 1917 Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Cloud, Frederick D. (Vice Counsel, Shang A digest of the treaty, laws, & regulations governing the admission of Chinese, their residence in & transit t 1908 GPO Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Cohen, David, et. al. Managing Natural Resources in British Columbia: Markets, Regulations, & Sustainable Development 1995 Questia subs U-BCPr
Cohen, Jean L. Regulating Intimacy: A New Legal Paradigm Questia subs
Cole, S. M. Recycling the automobile: a legislative & regulatory preview 1993 Graphic PDF Free UMich-Trans
Cranor, Carl F Regulating Toxic Substances 1993 NetLibr (Ebsco) 22.00 OxfordUP
Curran, Daniel J. Dead Laws for Dead Men: The politics of federal coal mine health & safety legislation [safety regulations - U.S.] 1993 Pittsb PDF Graphic Free UPittsburghPr
Dabney, Walter Davis The Public Regulation of Railways 1889 NY Graphic or PDF Free Google
Dalla, Ismail Regulated Deregulation Of The Financial System In Korea 1995 NetLibr (Ebsco) 22.00 WorldBank
Dauer, Edward A. (ed.) Blood Banking & Regulation: Procedures, Problems, & Alternatives Graphic Free NatAcadPr

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