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1854: Kansas-Nebraska Act; May 30 1854 Html Free YaleU-Law
Hill City, Graham County, Kansas (The "People's Reveille" Souvenir): Graham County's Progress since its Organi 1906 Html Free KansasCol
Historic American Buildings/Engr Survey: Kansas: Photos & Drawings various Graphic Html Free Libr Congress
Kansas Legal Ethics Materials [Cornell U; State Narratives & Rules or Codes, Ethics Opinions, & Judicial Cond 200-? Html Free LegalInfo
Kansas Statutes & Laws 200- Html Free Kansas
MAPS: Kansas [State, City, National Parks, Historical] various various Free UTexas
North Lawrence, Kansas: A Brief History [early period] 1961 Html Free KansasCol
The Border Ruffian Code in Kansas 1856 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
The Plum in Kansas: with a chapter on the Prune 1900 Topeka Graphic Free CornellU
The Santa Fe Trail Map: Central Section 1911-12 graphic Free KansasCol
The Santa Fe Trail Map: Western Section 1911-12 graphic Free KansasCol
The South Dakota National Guard Goes to Fort Riley (Souvenir Book) 1906 Html Free KansasCol
"A Clergyman of the Episcopal Church" In perils by mine own countrymen. Three years on the Kansas border 1856 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Anderson, Melissa Genett The Story of a Kansas Pioneer 1924 Html Free KansasCol
Anon. Western Border Life, or, What Fanny Hunter Saw & Heard in Kansas & Missouri [fiction] 1856 Graphic Html Free WrightAmFict
Barker, Nettie Garmer Kansas Women in Literature 1915 Txt-G Free GutenbergUS
Barker, Nettie Garmer Kansas Women in Literature [illus.] 1915 Html Free UVaLib
Baum, L. Frank The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 1900 Html Free KansasCol
Beach, Milton Autobiography of a Common Man [early western Kansas; 1930s; Lawrence; Clinton] n.d. Html Free KansasCol
Bennett, S. Christoper Inferring Stratigraphic Position of Fossil Vertebrates from the Niobrara Chalk of western Kansas (Kansas Geol 2000 Html Free UKansas
Blair, Ed History of Johnson County, Kansas [illus.] 1915 Html Free KansasCol
Boynton, Charles Brandon, 1806-83 A Journey through Kansas, With Sketches of Nebraska Graphic Free MOA-UMich
Boynton, Charles Brandon, 1806-83 Journey through Kansas; with sketches of Nebraska [map] 1855 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Brewerton, George Douglas, 1820-1901 The war in Kansas. A rough trip to the border, among new homes & a strange people [illus.] 1856 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Brown, Mary Ann Sachse The Cow from Grasshopper Falls (illus. Roy Lee Brown) [Kansas] 1996 Html Free KansasCol
Brown, Spencer Kellogg, 1842-1863 Spencer Kellogg Brown, his life in Kansas & his death as a spy, 1842-1863: as disclosed in his diary [Secret 1903 NY PDF Kindle EPub Free UToronto
Butler, Andrew Pickens (S. Carolina) 179 Speech on the bill to enable the people of Kansas to form a constitution & government; Senate, Jun 1856 1856 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Carruth, William Herbert [b. Kansas] Selected Poetry of WILLIAM HERBERT CARRUTH (1859-1924) 2002 Html Free UToronto
Cather, Willa Sibert El Dorado: A Kansas Recessional 1901 Html Free UVaLib
Chanute, O[ctave], 1832 The Kansas City bridge, with an account of the regimen of the Missouri River 1870 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Cicimurri, David & Michael J Everhart Pleisiosaur Stomach Contents & Gastroliths from the Pierre Shale (Middle Campanian) of Kansas 2001 Html Free OceansOfKansas
Colt, Miriam Davis Went to Kansas: Being a Thrilling Account of an Ill-Fated Expedition... 1862 Html Free KansasCol
Cope, E.D. On the geology and paleontology of the Cretaceous strata of Kansas (Annual Rpt of the U.S. Geol Terr.) 1872 Html Free OceansOfKansas
Cordley, Richard A History of Lawrence, Kansas, from the Earliest Settlement to the Close of the Rebellion 1894 Html Free KansasCol
Cordley, Richard Pioneer Days in Kansas 1903 Html Free KansasCol
Cordley, Richard & J.S.Boughton The Lawrence Massacre by a Band of Missouri Ruffians Under Quantrell [Kansas Frontier] 1863? Html Free KansasCol
Coronado, Francisco Vasquez de, 1510?-15 1540: The Journey of Coronado, 1540-42, ... City of Mexico to the Grand Canon ... Buffalo Plains of Texas, Kan 1904 NY Html Free UArizona
Craig, B. F. (b. 1814) The Border Ruffian, or, Kansas and Missouri [fiction] 1863 Graphic Html Free WrightAmFict
Crawford, S. J. Kansas in the sixties 1911 Chi. Free UMissouri
Crevecoeur, Ferdinand Francis Old Settlers' Tales: Historical & Biographical Sketches of the Early Settlement & Settlers of Northeastern Pot 19001-2 Html Free KansasCol
Custer, Elizabeth Bacon, 1842-193 Tenting On The Plains, Or, General Custer In Kansas & Texas 1994 NetLibr (Ebsco) 13.95 UOklahomaPr
Custer, George Armstrong (Gen.) My Life on the Plains 1874 Html n/d KansasCol
Cutler, William G The Andreas History of the State of Kansas 1883 ed Html Free KansasCol
Cutler, William G. Early report on fossils of the Niobrara] (frm Hist St of Kansas) 1883 Html Free OceansOfKansas
Dale, Don B. Do Tell: The Early Years: A Collection of Remembrances from Years Gone Bye [Kansas] 1991 Html Free KansasCol
De Voe, Carrie Legends of the Kaw: The Folk-Lore of the Indians of the Kansas River Valley [illus.] 1904 Html Free KansasCol
Dienst, Charles F. (Capt.) History of the 353rd Infantry Regiment, 89th Div., National Army, 1917-1919 1921 Html Free KansasCol
Douglas, Stephen Arnold, 1813-1861 Remarks of the Hon. Stephen A. Douglas on Kansas, Utah & the Dred Scott decision: Springfield, Illinois, Jun 1 1857 Chi. PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Doy, John The narrative of John Doy, of Lawrence, Kansas... Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Ebbutt, Percy G Emigrant Life in Kansas [non-fiction] 1886 Lond. Html Free KansasCol
Eick, Gretchen Cassel Dissent in Wichita: The Civil Rights Movement in the Midwest, 1954-72 2002 Html Free UIllinoisPr
Everhard, M. J. Gastroliths associated with plesiosaur remains in the Sharon Springs Member of the Pierre Shale (late Cretaceo 2000 Html Free OceansOfKansas
Everhard, M. J. New data on cranial measurements & body length of the mosasaur, Tylosaurus nepaeolicus (Squamata; Mosasauridae 2002 Html Free OceansOfKansas
Federal Writers' Project Kansas, a guide to the Sunflower state 1939 NY PDF Txt Free PrelingerLibr
Federal Writers' Project Kansas, a guide to the Sunflower state [bibliog.: p. 523-529] 1939 NY PDF Txt Free UCalifornia
Fort Larned NHS Fort Larned National Historic Site Cultural Landscape Report 1999 PDF Free NatPkServ:
Fort Larned NHS Master Plan: Fort Larned National Historic Site 1978 HTML Free NatPkServ:
Fort Larned NHS Special Reports on Eight Kansas Forts 1994 PDF Free NatPkServ:
Fremont, John Charles, 1813-90 The life of Col. John Charles Fremont; explorations in Kansas, Nebraska, Oregon, California [illus.] 1856 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Gihon, John H. (MD) Geary & Kansas. Gov. Geary's admin. in Kansas: w/history of the territory to 1857 1857 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Gihon, John H. (MD) Governor Geary's Administration in Kansas:...Complete History of the Territory until 1857 1857 Html Free KansasCol
Glaab, Charles N. Kansas City & the Railroads: Community Policy in the Growth of a Regional Metropolis [Wisc. State Hist. Soc.] 1962 Madsn Questia subs WiscHistSoc
Gladstone, Thomas H The Englishman in Kansas: or, Squatter life & border warfare. Intro. by Fred Law Olmsted 1857 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Goodell, William, 1792-1878 (Rev) The Kansas struggle, of 1856, in Congress & in the Presidential campaign... [Amer Abolition Soc] 1857 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Gregg, Josiah Commerce of the Prairies, v 1 [Kansas, New Mexico, Santa Fe] 1844 2d NY Graphic or PDF Free Google
Gregg, Josiah Commerce of the Praries [Kansas, New Mexico, Santa Fe] 1844-5 Html Free KansasCol
Hale, Edward Everett Kanzas & Nebraska: The history...those territories;...emigrant aid companies; directions to emigrants. [map] 1854 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Harris, David Lloyd Sod Jerusalems: Jewish Agricultural Communities in Frontier Kansas 1984 Html Free KansasCol
Harvey, Alexander M Tales and Trails of Wakarusa [illus.] 1917 Html Free KansasCol
Hesse-Wartegg, Ernst von Prairie-Fahrten [Kansas; Colorado] (in German) 1878Leipzig Graphic PDF Free UGoettingen
Heywood, Joseph Leland, 1815-1910 Diaries, 1855-1856 (vol 1) [Mormon pioneer; to Calif. on gvt busines; Salt Lake to D.C. via Atchison; politic 200-? Graphic Html Free BYU [LC]
Holloway, John N History of Kansas, from the first exploration;...& the conflict of free & slave labor in Kansas [illus.] 1868 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Holloway, John N. History of Kansas from the first exploration of the Mississippi valley to its admission into the Union ...sket 1868Lafayet PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Hutchinson, Clinton Carter, 1833- Resources of Kansas. 15 years experience. Map & 40 illus. 1871 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Kansas Bd of Managers, World's Fair 1893 Report of the Kansas Board of Worlds' fair managers, report [re] Kansas exhibit ... & transactions, Mar 1893 t 1894 Topeka PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia

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