Local History: New York State: Buffalo, NY; Niagara Frontier; Westward Movement

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Table rock album, & sketches of the falls [of Niagara] & scenery adjacent [now vanished vantage-point, Niagar 1850 Graphic Html Free Libr Congress
Adam, Robert Borthwick, 1833-1904 History of the Abolition of Railroad Grade Crossings in Buffalo Graphic Free CornellU
Adams, Charles Francis, Jr. & Henry Adam Chapters of Erie, & other essays. (NY Gold Conspiracy; finance; railroad system; bank of england) 1871 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Allen, Lewis Falley, 1800-1890 First appearance, in 1832, of the cholera in Buffalo.. 1895Buffalo Graphic Free CornellU
Allen, Orlando, 1803-1874 Personal recollections of Capt Jones & Parrish, & payment of Indian annuities in Buffalo Graphic Free CornellU
Almy, Frederic Relief: A Primer for the Family Rehabilitation Work of the Buffalo Charity Organization Society 1910 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Ball, Sheldon Buffalo in 1825. Reprinted from a pamphlet published in that year Graphic Free CornellU
Barton, James L d.1869 Early reminiscences of Buffalo & vicinity. Read before the society, Mar 19, 1866 Graphic Free CornellU
Barton, James L., d. 1869 Commerce of the Lakes, & Erie canal, v 1 1851 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Barton, James L., d. 1869 Commerce of the Lakes, & Erie canal, v 2 1851 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Bigelow, Albert, 1827-1892 The early firm of Juba Storrs & company. Read at club meetings Feb 16, 1874, & 1877 Graphic Free CornellU
Bingham, Joel F. National Disappointment. A Discourse Occasioned by the Assassination of President Lincoln (Westminster Ch., Bu 1865Buffalo Html Free EmoryUniv
Blakeslee, Samuel Narrative of Colonel Samuel Blakeslee, a Defender of Buffalo, War of 1812 1822] Graphic Free CornellU
Bridel, Jean Louis, 1759-1821 "Le pour et le contre", One of the Rarest of Books Relating to Western New York n.d. Graphic Free CornellU
Bryant, William Clement Orlando Allen. Glimpses of life in the Village of Buffalo. Read before the society Apr 16, 1877 Graphic Free CornellU
Buffalo (New York) Dance Halls: Ordinances Governing the Conduct of Public Dances & Dance Halls, City of Buffalo Html Graphic Free Libr Congress
Buffalo express The Pictorial Year-book & Calendar for 1888, with Buffalo [NY] events in 1887... Graphic Free CornellU
Buffalo Hist Soc Canal enlargements in NY state. Papers on the barge campaign & related topics Graphic Free CornellU
Buffalo Hist Soc Papers Relating to the Burning of Buffalo, & to the Niagara frontier...War of 1812 n.d. Graphic Free CornellU
Buffalo Hist Soc Participation of the Buffalo Hist Soc in the Erie Canal Centenary, Rome, NY Jul 4, 1917 Graphic Free CornellU
Buffalo Hist Soc Red Jacket Graphic Free CornellU
Buffalo Hist Soc The New Home of the Hist Soc in Delaware park [Buffalo NY] Graphic Free CornellU
Buffalo Hist Soc The semi-centennial of the Buffalo Hist Soc, May 20, 1912 Graphic Free CornellU
Buffalo Hist Soc Where is Buffalo? The Determination of its Latitude & Longitude in 1861 Graphic Free CornellU
Buffalo Hist Soc. Contributions Towards a Bibliography of the Niagara Region. Upper Canada Rebellion 1837-'38 1902 Graphic Free CornellU
Buffalo. Chamber of commerce. Canal comm Historical Sketch of Niagara Ship Canal Projects, by Hon. Henry W. Hill Graphic Free CornellU
Buffalo. Common Council. Dance halls. Ordinances governing the conduct of public dances & dance halls, city of Buffalo 1914 PDF Txt Free Intnt Archive
Carnochan, Janet Niagara 100 Years Ago: The Ancient Capital & Its Vicinity 1892? Graphic Free ECO
Carpenter, Niles & Daniel Katz A Study of Acculturization in the Polish Group of Buffalo: 1926-1928 1929 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Carter, James Coolidge, 1827-1905 The reservation of Niagara. Address, opening of the Niagara reservation at Niagara Falls, July 1885 1885 Graphic Html Free Libr Congress
Colt, Judah, b. 1761 Judah Colt's...Pioneer Surveyor in Western NY, & agent for Pennsylvania Population Co, 1789-1808 n.d. Graphic Free CornellU
Crouch, George Erie under Gould & Fisk. Past & present management, dedicated to stockholders & bondholders 1870 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Croxton, Fred Cleveland Unemployment in Buffalo, Nov, 1929 1930.] Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Croxton, Frederick Emory Unemployment in Buffalo, Nov 1931 [NY St. Dept Labor] 1932] Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Croxton, Frederick Emory Unemployment in Buffalo, Nov 1932 issued by Division of Statistics & Information [NY St. Dept Labor] 1933?] NY Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Dart, Joseph, 1789?-1879 The grain elevators of Buffalo. Read before the society, March 13, 1865 Graphic Free CornellU
De Volpi, Charles Patrick The Niagara peninsula, a pictorial record: historical prints & illustrations of the Niagara peninsula, Ontario 1966 Montrl Graphic Free UCalgary
De Volpi, Charles Patrick Toronto, a pictorial record: historical prints & illustrations of the city of Toronto, province of Ontario, Ca 1965 Montrl Graphic Free UCalgary
Dearborn, Henry Alexander S. 1783-1851 Journals of Henry A S Dearborn...councils with the Seneca & Tuscarora Indians at Buffalo Graphic Free CornellU
Disturnell, John, 1801-1877 The Western Traveller; Canal & Railroad Routes, from Albany & Troy, to Buffalo & Niagra Falls Graphic Free CornellU
Dixon, Benjamin Homer 1819-1899 The Border or Riding Clans [genealogy] 1889Munsell Graphic Free UCalgary
Dorsheimer, William, 1832-1888 The Village of Buffalo during the War of 1812. Read before the society, Mar 1863 1863] Graphic Free CornellU
Dow, Charles Mason Anthology & bibliography of Niagara Falls, v 1 1921. -- Graphic Free UMichigan
Dow, Charles Mason Anthology & bibliography of Niagara Falls, v 2 1921. -- Graphic Free UMichigan
Dow, Charles Mason The State Reservation at Niagara, a History Graphic Free CornellU
Dwight, Timothy, 1752-1817 The Northern Travller: (w/Northern Tour) Routes to Niagara, Quebec, The Springs. w/'Tour of New England, Coal 1828 3edrev Html Free NYPL
Edwards, Charles R. A story of Niagara 1870 Bufflo Graphic Free UCalgary
Edwards, Charles R. A Story of Niagara 1870 Graphic Html Free WrightAmFict
Elmendorf, Henry Livingston, 1852-1906 The Buffalo Free Library Movement in the Year 1897 Graphic Free CornellU
Elstner Publishing Company, Buffalo The Industries of Buffalo:...of the mercantile & manufacturning progress... Graphic Free CornellU
Falk, Sampson A history of the Israelites in Buffalo. Read the society, March 1876,... Graphic Free CornellU
Fargo, Francis F Memorial of the City & County Hall opening ceromonies, Buffalo NY Graphic Free CornellU
Gates, W. Almont Oriental immigration on the Pacific Coast {St. Bd. Charities & Correction, Calif. Address at Buffalo NY] 1909? Graphic Free UCaBancroftLib
Granger, Erastus Public Speeches, at the village of Buffalo, on the 6th & 8th days of Jul 1812 Graphic Free CornellU
Gray, David, 1836-1888 "The Charles Lamb of Buffalo" Memoir of G H Salisbury, 1st sec of the Buffalo Hist Soc Mar 1871 Graphic Free CornellU
Haddock, John A. A souvenir, the thousand islands of the St. Lawrence River [architecture; travel / desc.] 1895 AlexBa Graphic Free UCalgary
Hall, Nathan Kelsey, 1810-1974 The Postal Service of the US in Connection with the Local History of Buffalo [NY] Graphic Free CornellU
Harrison, Jonathan Baxter, 1835-1907 The condition of Niagara Falls, and the measures needed to preserve them. Eight letters...1882 1882 Graphic Html Free Libr Congress
Hennepin, Louis (17th c.; b. Belgium) 1675: A New Discovery of a Vast Country in America [2vols.; Ontario; Great Lakes; Buffalo; Niagara Falls; uppe 1698/1903 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Hodge, William, 1804-1887 Buffalo Cemetaries. Read before the Society, Feb 4, 1879 Graphic Free CornellU
Hollister, Frank Merrick, 1843-1916 Some early Buffalo Characters Graphic Free CornellU
Hosmer, George Washington, 1804-1881 Report of delegates from the General Aid Society for the Army, at Buffalo, N.Y.: to visit the government hospitals, & the agencies of the U. 1862Buffalo PDF Kindle EPub Free Libr Congress
Howells, William Dean, 1837-1920, et. al The Niagara book [incl. The geology of Niagara falls (Shaler); The flora & fauna of Niagara falls (D Day); Ut 1901 NY PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Howland, Henry Raymond, 1844 Seneca Mission at Buffalo Creek Graphic Free CornellU
Howland, Henry Raymond, 1844- Niagara Portage & Its First Attempted Settlement under British Rule Graphic Free CornellU
Hubbell, John, 1819-1880 The National Free Soil comvention of '48. Held in Buffalo 1896Buffalo Graphic Free CornellU
Inglehart, Frederick M Buffalo's First Mayor, Dr. Ebenezer Johnson. Paper, before the society, Feb 1877 Graphic Free CornellU
Ketchum, William An authentic history of Buffalo,...early inhabitants, both savage & civilized & the Six nations Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Ketchum, William The Origin of the Name of Buffalo. Read before the Buffalo Hist Soc, Apr 7, 1863 Graphic Free CornellU
Kettell, George F Sermon on Thanksgiving Day, Nov 25, 1847, in 1st Wesleyan Chapel, Vestry-Street, NYC Graphic Free CornellU
Landon, Joseph, fl. 1796-1863 Notes of Joseph Landon, a surveyor who reached Buffalo Creek [NY] in 1796, & settled in 1806 Graphic Free CornellU
Langslow, Richard A Niagara Falls tourist of 1817...Journal of Capt Richard Langslow of the East India Service Graphic Free CornellU
Larkin Co. (Buffalo, NY) Premium List [illus. mail-order catalog - soaps, perfumes, toilet waters, etc.] c1906 Buffl Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Larkin Soap Co. (Buffalo, NY) The Larkin Idea: save all cost which adds no value. Factory to Family [illus. mail-order catalog] 1901?] Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Larkin Soap Mfg Co. (Buffalo, NY) Can we break the crust?: As a patron once is a patron always, we are anxious to do it [illus. promotional mail 1893?] Graphic Txt Free Harvard

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