Author: Haynes, James B.

Title: History of the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition of 1898

Year: 1910 Omaha?

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Publisher: UCalifornia

Author: Iowa Trans-Miss. & Intl. Expo. Comm.

Title: Report of the Iowa Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition Commission ... its work, account of exhibits

Year: 1899Dubuque

Price: Free

Publisher: UCalifornia

Author: Trans-Miss. & Intl Expo (1898: Omaha)

Title: Photographs: Trans-Mississippi Exposition (approx. 20 contemporary photos)

Year: 1898ca

Format: Graphic

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Publisher: HistoricOmaha

Author: Trans-Miss. & Intl. Expo. (1898: Omaha)

Title: Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition, Omaha, 1898

Year: 1898?]

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Publisher: UCLA