Local History: Arizona

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Miller, Marion & John Murray The Round-Up: A Romance of Arizona Novelized from Edmund Day's Melodrama 1906 NY Questia subs GWDillingham
Monk, Joseph A. Arizona Sketches [illus.] 1905 NY Html Free UArizona
Mowry, Sylvester Arizona & Sonora: The geography, history, & resources of the silver region of North America Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Mowry, Sylvester Proposed territory of Arizona Txt-G Free GutenbergUS
Munk, Joseph A Arizona Sketches Txt-G Free GutenbergUS
Nentvig, Juan, S.J. 1764: Rudo Ensayo: A Description of Sonora & Arizona in 1764 (tr. Alberto Francisco Pradeau & R R Rasmussen) 1980 Html Free UArizona
Nequatewa, Edmund Truth of a Hopi: Stories Relating to the Origin, Myths & Clan Histories of the Hopi 1936] Html Free SacredTexts
Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, Alvar, 16th c. 1528: The Journey of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca & His Companions from Florida to the Pacific 1528-1536 1528/1905 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc
Painter, Muriel Thayer A Yaqui Easter 1971 Html Free UArizonaPr
Painter, Muriel Thayer & E B Sayles Faith, Flowers, & Fiestas: The Yaquai India Year, A Narrative of Cermonial Events 19--?] Html Free UArizonaPr
Pamachena, Ron The Border is Here With Southeastern Arizona 2000 3ed Html Free HistTextArchiv
Parker, Kittie F An Illustrated Guide to Arizona Weeds [illus.] 1972 Html Free UArizona
Pettis, George Henry, b. 1834 The California column. Its campaigns & services in NM, AZ, TX, during the Civil War, w/sketches of Brig-Gen.Ja 1908SantaFe PDF Kindle EPub Free UCLA
Powell, John Wesley Report of Explorations in 1873 of the Colorado of the West & its Tributaries [Smithsonian Instution] 1874 Washg Graphic PDF Free UGoettingen
Powell, Lawrence Clark A Southwestern Century: A Bibliography of 100 Books of Non Fiction about the Southwest 1958 Html Free UArizona
Powell, Lawrence Clark Heart of the Southwest: A Selective Bibliography of Novels, Stories & Tales Laid in Arizona & New Mexico & Adj 1959 L.A. Html Free UArizona
Roberts, Frank H H, Jr. The Ruins at Kiatuthlanna, Eastern Arizona [Smithsonia Bur. Ethnology] 1931 Questia subs GPO
Ronstadt, A. Martin Dr. George Martin, Sr.: Pioneer Arizona & Tucson Druggist, Founder of the Martin Drug Company [frm: The Smoke 1991 Html Free UArizona
Ronstadt, Jose Maria Borderman: The Memoirs of Federico Jose Mari a Ronstadt [illus.] [19th c. immigrant from Mexico] 1993 Html Free UArizona
Saunders, Charles Francis Indians of the Terraced Houses [illus.] 1912 NY Html Free UArizona
Sherman, James E & Edward F. Ronstadt Wagon Making in Southern Arizona [Smoke Signal #31] 1975 Html Free UArizon
Sinotte, Barbara Arizona, Utah & New Mexico 1996 NetLibr (Ebsco) 11.95 HunterPub
Smiley, Terah L. Four Late Prehistoric Kivas at Point of Pines, Arizona [U Az. Bull.] 1952 Questia subs UArizona
Smith, Gloria L. Trailtones: The African-American Heritage of Arizona [bibliography; photo survey] n.d. Html PDF Free UArizona
Smith, Zachary A. Politics & Public Policy in Arizona 1996 2ed Questia subs Praeger
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Stitt, Loyd L. Three Species of the Genus Lygus & Their Relation to Alfalfa Seed Production in Southern Arizona & California 1940 Nov Graphic Txt Free UMich-OrgAg
Summerhayes, Martha Vanished Arizona Txt-G Free GutenbergUS
Summerhayes, Martha Vanished Arizona: Recollections of My Army Life 1908 Phila. Html Free UArizon
Summerhayes, Martha Vanished Arizona: Recollections of My Army Life 1939 Questia subs LakesidePr
Tuzigoot NM First Conference on Research and Resource Management in Southern Arizona National Park Areas 1996 PDF Free NatPkServ:
Tuzigoot NM Natural and Cultural Resources Management Plan, Tuzigoot National Monument 2006 PDF Free NatPkServ:
Tuzigoot NM Tuzigoot - The Excavation and Repair of a Ruin on the Verde River near Clarkdale, Arizona 1935 Html Free NatPkServ:
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Prelim. report: explorations & surveys, principally in Nevada & Arizona. 1871 1871 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Preliminary Report Concerning Explorations & Surveys Principally in Nevada & Arizona 1872 GPO Html Free UArizona
U.S. Cong. 30 1s sess Notes of a Military Reconnaissance, Ft. Leavenworth, Mo. to San Diego, incl. Arkansas, Del Norte, & Gila River 1847 Wash. Html Free UArizona
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U.S. Cong. 56 2d sess Senate Rpt 1418 Authorizing the transfer to the Navajo Tribe of Irrigation Project Works on the Navajo Reservation, & for othe 1960 Html Free UArizona
U.S. Cong. 62 2d sess House Rpt 591 Ganado Irrigation Project. Navajo Indian Reservation, Az. 1912 Html Free UArizona
U.S. Cong. 83 2d sess (?) Statement of Sam Ahkeah, Chairman, Navaho Tribal Council, Shiprock, N. Mex. n.d. Html Free UArizona
U.S. Cong. 83 2d sess Senate Publ 1954 Colorado River Storage Project: Statement of Sam Ahkeah, chairman, Navaho Tribal Council ... 1954 Html Free UArizona
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U.S. Cong. 84 2d sess House, Rpt 2789 Providing for the Acquisition of Navaho Indian Lands Connection w/Construction, Operation, & Maintenance 1956 Html Free UArizona
U.S. Dept of Labor Report of the Bisbee Deportations [President's Mediation Commission] 1918 Html Free UArizona
U.S. Dept of Labor Sixth Annual Report of the Secretary of Labor [labor strife; esp. the Arizona copper mine strikes of 1917 [Bis 1918 Html Free UArizona
U.S. War Dept Report upon the Colorado River of the West: Botany [by Asa Gray, John Torrey, George Thurber, George Engelman 1860 Washg Graphic PDF Free UGoettingen
U.S. War Dept. Colorade Exploring Expedition: General Report (by Joseph Christmas Ives) 1861 Lond Graphic PDF Free UGoettingen
U.S. War Dept. Colorado Exploring Expedition: Hydrographic Report (by Joseph Christmas Ives) 1861 Lond Graphic PDF Free UGoettingen
Udall, Morris K. Selected Speeches, Morris K. Udall [US Senator] 1961-83 Html Free UArizona
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Veelez de Escalante, Fray Francisco Silv The Domainguez-Escalante Journal: Their Expedition through Colorado, Utah, Arizona, & New Mexico in 1776 [tr. 1995 Questia subs UUtahPr
White, Stewart Edward Arizona Nights Txt-G Free GutenbergUS
White, Stewart Edward Arizona Nights [illus. N.C. Wyeth] 1907 Questia subs Grosset&Dunlap
Wild, Peter Van Dyke: John C. Van Dyke: An Essay & a Bibliography [UAz. Spec. Coll. Monog.] 2001 Html Free UArizona
Wilson, John P. Islands in the Desert: A History of the Uplands of Southeastern Arizona 1995 Questia subs UNMexicoPr
Wilson, Marian Calvert Manuelita, The Story of San Xavier del Bac 1891 NY Html Free UArizona
Yancy, James Walter The Negro of Tucson, Past & Present 1933 Html Free UArizona
Zarate Salmeron, Geronimo de 1604: Journey of Onate to California by Land [Arizona, California] 1604/1916 Graphic Free WiscHistSoc

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